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Found on FB, notice the symbols on the onsie?


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Oh my God. brought to you by J&J Johnson & Johnson. We must all stop using their products! Immediately. Babies yet. @fogdryer

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Archive it ASAP... I tried to here.

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I can't remember where I read it, but I read the account of a grown gay man who, as a teenager, had supported lowering the age of consent. He'd been a twink who'd been used by PIE in their efforts to lower AoC. As an adult, he said he recognised that he'd been groomed, exploited and sexually abused as a teenager. It's only when someone is an adult and has come out of the victim mentality and recovered from Stockholm Syndrome that they recognise it for what it was--abuse and rape. I am sure that Michael Jackson has lots of adult victims around who are still 'in love' with him and seek to protect him and who do not recognise that they were abused.

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This is total bullshit in a bid to brainwash parents into thinking it’s okay for their kid to watch porn, masturbate and have sex. NO, it’s NOT okay. Kids should be kids. They will be interested in sex later no one needs to push this crap on them. You are a child for a short amount of time in life stop fast forwarding it and ruining it. Satanic evil everywhere you turn. Enough already.

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I was having a discussion with a 10yr. old neighborhood kid and noticed he was wearing a 'Sid and Morty' shirt.

I assumed he watched the show and told him he was too young for its subject matter ( It's pure shit, if you have not seen it ).

His immediate response ( in a dismissive tone ):

'I know what sex is'

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Maybe I had a sheltered upbringing, but I didn't even know the difference between boys and girls til I was about 8. And I certainly didn't know the mechanics of reproduction!

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Did you tell him they were trying to turn him into a degenerate?

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psychologytoday - https://archive.is/WAxRq

facebook - https://archive.is/y95YF

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African-American (19%) boys were more likely than Hispanic (9%) or White (4%) boys to report early sex, with an 8% average for the total sample. The higher rate for black youths held regardless of sociodemographic variables.

That's interesting, Blacks 2x Hispanics who are 2x whites: how much u wanna bet whites are 2x Asians, a breakdown parallel to what we know about IQ, testosterone etc?

But Q told me we're all the same, WWG1WGA, and differences between races are due to the Demoncrats.

The authors propose that this race/ethnicity difference might be because, “for young men of color, particularly black males, racist stereotypes of hypermasculinity may also contribute to expectations of early sexual initiation.” That is, that black youths are merely following a cultural script about what masculinity means: Start having sex early and have it often

Oh OK so its white people's fault that nigger bitches fuck the kids they're babysitting, thanks for clearing that up Jews

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Oh OK so its white people's fault that nigger bitches fuck the kids they're babysitting, thanks for clearing that up Jews

You'd be the resident expert on this, Donkey.