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@Reymrgapurple, please review the submission rules for v/pizzagate. All submissions must have links to supporting sources (Rule 2). They must also state a clear connection to the abuse of children by the global elite (Rule 1 and 3). I will give you the 24 Hour Grace flair, so you can edit. If neither of these rules can be satisfied, you are welcome to repost this in our anything-goes subverse, v/pizzagatewhatever. Thanks.

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link above

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Thanks for the links. There's no statement about how this relates to abuse of kids by the global elite, though.

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Monday, May 18, 2009 Ashley Massaro Ram Jammed?

Many fans will remember that last year, Rolling Stone Magazine revealed that former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro was allegedly an employee of the high-end escort service run by alleged madam Michelle "Nici" Braun. HollywoodInterrupted.com has now revealed several of the celebrities who were clients of the service - including "The Wrestler" star and WrestleMania guest celebrity Mickey Rourke. Other clients include Courtney Love, Jose Canseco, Charlie Sheen and magician David Blaine.

Transcontinental Madam Michelle Braun (mug-shotting above with ex-husband Farrell Kellener) had seen better days leading up to her '07 cocaine bust in Boca. Around the turn of the century, she was reportedly enjoying a 60% commission off her free-spending list of rather obvious clients including: the 'roid raging Jose Canseco, legendary lecher Charlie Sheen, Rick "Scum" Salomon, serious thespian Mickey Rourke, and talent manager Jeff Kwatinetz (who would shell out six-thousand shekels to dip his schmeckle in a former Playmate). Also, one of Braun's former prosties who sub-contracted via a pimp she just settled a six-figure claim against reports that creepy magic guy David Blaine was a frequent Nici's Girls client, and even lapsed Kabbalah enthusiast Courtney Love would often order up girls for threesomes with her boyfriend.

Madam Braun has reportedly been under investigation since 2000, But she slipped up in 2007 when she electronically pimped out another Playmate to an undercover operative in Orange County for $15,000. Identified only by her initials in court documents, a source close to the investigation tells Hollywood, Interrupted that the harlot in question was none other than former Playboy Playmate, Carrie Stevens. And, from the looks of her specs, the undercover agent would have gotten his money's worth.However, Hollywood,Interrupted has learned that former Playmate Stevens claims she does not know Michelle Braun, and has never engaged in prostitution. Fair enough. Incoming e-mail messages now suggest that the hooker in question is Playmate of the Month for May 2002, Christi Shake. So many alleged Playmate prostitutes, so little time for Madam Michelle. The burning question now is did Randy "The Ram" Ram Jam Ashley Massaro?

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Excellent info! - These people are so beyond flipping FILTHY!!! Feel like I need a shower after reading this crap! Ew 🤢