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Evidently, Paul Walker starred in this film. He died under questionable circumstances.

"The Mysterious Death Of Paul Walker"

See 2:25 forward. Talks about Walker's charity in the Philippines. Some suggest he found out about vaccines tainted with birth-control being given out. He wanted out of Hollywood.



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Paul Walker was in Haiti during 2010 rescuing children. I don't know if he knew too much but that is a creepy fact

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The way his car 'exploded' matches what happened to Michael Hastings's car. At the time that this happened, people were just starting to become aware of directed energy weapons, although it could have been a laser or something else. It wasn't normal that is for sure!!!!!!!!!!! HINT: I have heard it said that he was very upset about the Clinton Foundation and what was happening in Haiti. Dig away, you'll see

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Glad you brought this up. That scene has always stuck with me.

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Paul Walker did have his own charity for the Philippines going on, but you're sure he was a white hat?

I don't know anything about any of this so I'm only asking for reasons why.

Thanks for the post.

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His charity was also working in Haiti after the disaster.Apparently he and his partner were on the ground there and finding out just how corrupt these other charities were. Paul Haggis, the scumbag now up on rape charges, had or has a charity in Haiti as well. I personally knew Haggiis and I can tell you flat out that he is a liar. Take that for what you will. Haggis was in Scientology but I think, even their good squads got tired of covering up for him and so he left. The girls charging him with rape are not connected to Scientology. I can only imagine, if Paul Walker was a good guy, and then him discovering the layers of deceit and betrayal, including organ harvesting with crooked doctors on a large ship just off the coast of Haiti, performing these illegal operations. Keep the 'organ donors' alive just long enough to extract the heart, kidneys whatever. Yes, between the Clinton Foundation and other disgusting fake charities it would cause anyone a lot of grief coming across it. Walker was about to blow the whistle but never got his chance. His partner died in the same car wreck so guess what, neither man ever had a chance to tell the public what they discovered

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Yes, but the problem is they're dead. Whether they talked about it, or talked to the wrong person, we'll never know.

The thing that bothers me is that they were doing and involved in the exact same shit that HRC and other scumballs were. So why would I think they're white hats? There's no evidence of that except deaths. But we know people that are involved up to their pituitary glance are suicided all the time. It's a guessing game. I don't want to talk badly about someone that was a white hat or that became one. It's very possible that he was involved, but didn't realize the extent these people were going to to destroy society and put themselves in power. It's also possible that he was a scumbag. I don't know. I don't want to trash him, but I also don't want to praise him for something he never intended to do.

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Don't know if he was a white hat or just knew too much. There were some hints he had become a Christian. His world view changed and he wanted out of Hollywood.

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Hey, people can change. I respect that. Maybe he kept getting in deeper and deeper, and with the religious epiphany, decided he wanted out.

Could have happened.

Think I need to do a little more research to figure out what made him tick.

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That really scratched an itch I didn't know I had. As fucked up as that movie looks I think that it, eyes wide shut, and other films need to show realistic conspiracies like this.