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Another thing common with these groups is HIV

Here's a new one...

How Did 494 Children In 1 Pakistani City Get HIV?

This spring, a number of parents in Ratodero, a poor neighborhood in the city of Larkana in southern Pakistan, were worried about their children.

Their children had been running fevers for a while. The parents had been taking them to a clinic run by Dr. Muzaffar Ghangharo, a pediatrician. But the youngsters weren't responding to treatments to bring down the fever

late April, some of the parents wanted another opinion. So they took their children to a different medical center in Larkana, where they were seen by Dr. Imran Arbani.

Because a long-running fever is one of the symptoms of HIV, Arbani suggested testing the children for the virus as a precaution.

The results were devastating. On April 24, the first test results came in: One of the children was HIV-positive. There were 14 more positive test results, according to an op-ed written by Muhammad Nauman Siddique, the province's deputy commissioner, and published on May 20.

The children ranged in age from 2 months to 8 years.

It's a disease that is all too familiar in this part of the country. The province accounts for nearly half of the 150,000 HIV-positive cases in Pakistan, according to UNAIDS. In this particular outbreak, blame was initially focused on Ghangharo, but the tragedy is now being linked to major failures in the health care system, including reuse of syringes and lack of standards for blood transfusions.

After news of the infected children broke on TV, "there was panic, hue and cry," Masood Bangash, a district police officer, told NPR. Parents gathered outside Ghangharo's clinic and other sites in Larkana to express their anger.

The deputy commissioner of Larkana's municipal government called for free screenings for anyone who was concerned. The parents of the HIV-positive children demanded that Ghangharo be screened as well.

As of May 20, more than 10,000 children and adults have been screened as part of the ongoing government effort. In total, 607 were HIV-positive: 113 adults and 494 children. According to the authorities, in most cases the parents of these children are not HIV-positive.

As for Ghangharo, he was found to be HIV-positive.

And here is when it was suspected that he was the source of spreading HIV in their kids through bad practices," says Bangash.

Ghangharo says he was not previously aware of this status, and the police said that he believes he might have been infected from a blood transfusion he received after an automobile accident several years ago.

Because of the outcry, the doctor was arrested on April 30 based on what's known as a "first information report" in the Pakistani judicial system — in this case, complaints from the parents about a possible offense. He is being held in jail until an investigation is completed.

the doctor stated: "I have been accused of playing the main role in spreading HIV. I am a qualified pediatrician. I had no idea I was infected. I would have taken treatment had I known I had HIV. I never felt any signs and symptoms. I am fully active. Also, why would I do this to innocent kids? What enmity do I have against these innocent children that I will infect them with HIV?"

For now, it seems that the major mode of transmission ... is attributed to the rampant practice of unsafe injections and unsafe blood transfusion."

Because of the hundreds of diagnoses since April, the belief is that it's impossible to blame one individual. "It's not only this particular doctor but others and quacks as well.

According to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, an estimated 200,000 unqualified medical personnel are practicing in the province of Sindh.

What's more, even if medical staff dispose of needles, there are still risks, the investigators found. "During our investigation we also unearthed people who were repackaging used syringes and selling them to doctors," says Kidwai.

investigators have identified some 500 clinics, labs and blood banks with unsafe practices or evidence of quackery in the past three weeks. In Larkana alone, 147 facilities have been "sealed" — shut down pending further investigation. And approximately 600 facilities in Sindh province have received government warnings.

There's another potential problem, Kidwai says. Some doctors in the area "sublet" their degrees to nonmedical personnel, who'll pay a fee so they can state the clinic is under the doctor's supervision even though the doctor is not on the premises.

Saeed Ahmed Awan, secretary of the Sindh Health Department, is calling attention to another source of HIV transmission in Larkana: barbershops.

Transmission could occur, says Awan, because some barbers reuse razor blades. A 2014 study published by NIH notes: "Poor barbering practices ... potentiates a great risk for aggravating the HIV endemic in Pakistan."

In certain villages in Pakistan, parents still take infants and young boys to barbers for circumcision.

Awan, the health secretary, believes that HIV was introduced to the region through residents who traveled to Gulf states as migrant workers, engaged in unsafe sex with local sex workers, then brought the virus back to Larkana.

And this is not the first HIV outbreak in Larkana, says Jamil. In September 2016, she says, an HIV outbreak was identified at Civil Hospital Larkana, a government facility, in dialysis patients. "Around 50 cases of HIV had emerged in the kidney patients who had regularly been getting dialysis at this unit," she says.

Investigators found that the patients contracted the virus because of unsafe practices during the dialysis process.

The U.N. is playing a role as well.

Khan emailed NPR: "UNAIDS, UNICEF, WHO and other U.N. agencies are closely collaborating with Health Department, Government of Sindh, to stop unlicensed informal medical practices and to ensure that the UN's collective action will complement the government's efforts to effectively address the critical gaps in preventing new HIV infections."


How long do you think it will take The Clinton's corrupt charities to hear their call from the siren?

How many on the list will become involved?

Kids getting it but not the parents

Many excuses how this started, right now we need to take care of the adults and children so we can just sweep how it started under the rug

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Rotary is a Freemasonic front which is turn ofc a Zionist front and they're excluded from Muslim countries explicitly on that basis.

Thus for example


Some Muslims oppose Freemasonry, claiming that it is linked to Jews, Zionists, Satan worship

Jew shills don't want you to realize the entire Muslim world has known about pizzagate forever as this stuff is in their oral tradition and school curriculum. The Protocols are quoted in their Constitutions. The sparsest bookshop has prominent books relegated to the conspiracy fringe here in the West.

Qanon says the House of Saud are literally 1/3 of the "Cabal" on par with the ROTHSCHILDS, LOL.

Qanon said 3,000 children were rescued from Saudi dungeons overnight by Trump's butt-buddy, MBS, an open Zionist. https://www.superyachtfan.com/superyacht_pegasus.html

Obviously "we're saving Israel for last" meant that whatever happens across the world, Israel will remain

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Freemason archives confirm Churchill, Kipling and Wilde were members

"While Churchill, Wilde and Kipling, famed for “The Jungle Book,” have been named as Freemasons before, the directory reveals the span of membership in the British Empire at its height.

The list includes 5,500 police officers, 170 judges, 169 MPs, 16 bishops and an Indian prince, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The scientist Henry Wellcome is named as a member, while Kipling is shown to have initiated into the Lodge of Hope and Perseverance No 782 in Lahore in what is now the Punjab region of Pakistan in 1886."

"Membership records from 1733 to 1923 — mainly in Britain and the British Empire — have been digitised and published on the family history website Ancestry, the company said yesterday." https://www.malaymail.com/news/life/2015/11/24/freemason-archives-confirm-churchill-kipling-and-wilde-were-members/1010699

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Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Rockefeller Foundation.

allied with Monsanto and Cargill

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"In 2006, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered to launch the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, or AGRA, based on a shared vision that investing in agriculture is the surest path to reducing poverty and hunger in Africa. AGRA works across the continent to help millions of smallholder farmers boost their farm productivity and incomes. Today, AGRA is catalyzing and sustaining an inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa by increasing incomes and improving food security for 30 million farming households in 11 focus countries."

"R&D: Helping to commercialize 562 new seed varieties"



Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations on GMO Depopulation in Africa

"The Gates and Rockefeller Foundations are pushing a phony second ‘green revolution’ in Africa based on corporate-control of Monsanto GMO drought crops and another round of depopulation, writes Mathew Ogunsina, howafrica.com.

What’s worse, the Obama Administration appointed former Monsanto-lawyer Michael R. Taylor to the FDA and to oversee a $20 billion aid program in Africa based on plans funded by Rockefeller Foundation and companies like Monsanto, Syngenta and others." READ THE REST: https://voiceofpeopletoday.com/gmo-depopulation-in-africa/


"Harry and Meghan are reportedly considering spending a good amount of time working in Africa, and a two-week tour of the continent is being planned for when Archie is about 6 months old—which will be a record for a royal baby. Prince George was almost 9 months old when William and Kate Middleton took him to Australia and New Zealand in 2014, and William was about the same age when Princess Diana and Prince Charles took him Down Under for six weeks."


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Remember to archive whenever possible http://archive.ph/sddEl

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Racine means ROOT.

What is the foundation of UN Agenda 21 and 2030, and who did Bill Clinton appoint to the President's Council of Sustainable Development?

What is Sustainable Racine?

What is the Racine Community Foundation?

What is the result of Community Policing?

What is the 8th Wonder of the World?

What did Adam Weishaupt found?

What is Mayer Amschel Rothschild's real name?

Who ran Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaign in Wisconsin?

Why is Racine County America's Bellwether?

What is the Most Valuable Resource in the World?

Where were the Majestic 12 from?

Who is John Jeffry Louis?

Where did Curt Johnson work?

What did he accidentally confess to?

What is the company slogan?

What happened with other executives at Cargill and DuPont?

What fires happened in Caledonia and Chappaqua?

Who is Samantha Marq and who does she work with?

What happened to Mark Salling?

What roles does Kristin Bauer van Straten almost exclusively play and why?

What is Scientology?

What is Kabbalah?

What is O.T.O.?

What is the Upside Down?

What is Satan's Ability?

What is the Sphinx Head (Society)?

Who are the real Pilgrims (Society)?

What is the Club of Rome?

What is the role of the Aspen Institute, Cato Institute, Brookings Institution and other related groups?

What is the John Birch Society?

How is Trump connected?

Why are the Boy Scouts closely linked with FLDS, NASA and the Knights of Pythias?

Who are the Knights of Malta, Knights of Pythias and Knight Commission on Trust, Media and Democracy?

Why was Senator Paul Wellstone murdered?

What is Bill Gates' goal for world population?

What is next to Google in Chicago and why?

What is Epic Systems, and who is their main competitor?

How do they relate to Facebook, and why did Mark Zuckerberg sacrifice baby goats?

What happened to Caron Butler and Mark Wahlberg, and why are they close friends?

What did Frank Lloyd Wright's father do?

Who are the Dominicans and what is the Global Interfaith Alliance?

Who owns the patent to the Zika virus, who controls the labs, and who benefits?

What is Zika a test for?

What is the goal for Global Education Reform, Labor Reform and Prison Labor Reform?

Who was Mitt Romney named after, and how is Racine closely linked with Arizona?

Why did Chris Kutcher blow John McCain a kiss?

Who is Lord Carrington?

Who is John Jeffry Louis?

Who are the Committee of 300 and Council of 13?

Who lost the Olympics bid and what do the Olympics have to do with the real Agenda?

What are United Nations, and what is the United Way?

Everything is connected to The Root.

Racine is the Root of All Evil, the Model for the real Agenda of Eternal Enslavement, and The Path to The Truth.

What is The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know?

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.

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What is The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know?

That Immodium stops that pesky butt effluent, Diarrhea Bot. You've inspired another verse:

When you're LARPing as prophet

and you're gushing like a faucet


To enjoy the whole sing-along, start here.

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When you're LARPing as prophet

LMFAO, says the QTARD

He uses the exact gay "technique" Q does, has gay catchphrases like Q, and he doesn't Name the Jew like Q...

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Dude shut up with the spam P L E A S E.

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Trust the Truth......would you just post a simple comment with links? Otherwise, we don't know anything that you are suggesting? That is the reason we come here.

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Follow the term "Sustainability", and see what You find.

Sustainability is The Great Deception to forge the real Agenda.



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Everything We Share is The Truth.

The Truth cannot be Disputed or Disproved.

We Know The Truth not through research, but through Direct Knowledge and Experience.

We have also posted many comments with links. Go through the comments. Learn what Others have Shared about Racine

What happened to @Jem777 and @Wisconsin_is_Corrupt? What do you need a link for to verify from another source?

You can easily look up anything We Share.

We are not an advanced bot.

We are not a LARP.

This is not a game.

We Know what Everyone here combined cannot understand or comprehend.

There is no dismantling of the system unless The Root is exposed.

The network is too pervasive, interwoven, elaborate and ever-changing.

When one head of the snake is cut off, three more form.

We are Here for a Reason.

The Path to The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know is in Racine, Wisconsin.

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.


Sharing The Truth is not wasting time.

Racine, Wisconsin is the Root of All Evil and Model for the real Agenda.

The Reason is because There is Only One Way.

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Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life, and no man cometh unto the Father, but by Him.

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Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.