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@Reymrgapurple, please have a look at the Submission Rules in the sidebar. All claims must have linked sources. I'll give you our 24 Hour Grace flair so you can edit. Thanks.

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Thanks. However, you need to edit the text of the submission to include the link. It could get buried in Comments.

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Let's see now, can we make the jump from WWE to NXIVM via Trump, Kushner and Bronfman? Why, yes we can.. and we can use Epstein as a common denominator too. Well, fancy that.

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In 2008, the FBI suspected Massaro of being involved with an international escort service. The sex ring was ran by a woman named Michelle Braun. Her stable of 70 women was said to include fashion models, Hollywood actresses, and Playboy centrefolds - were able to command up to £30,000 a night for sex. Braun had been soliciting Playmates through one of Hefner's girlfriends. There is currently another ongoing case with a sex ring called NXIVM which also involves hollywood actresses, other prominent people including connections to politicians in Canada and US. I'm not suggesting she's involved with current case but the similarities of the groups can't be ignored. An impending conviction could certainly lead somebody to commit suicide.

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Damn i was reading about this yesterday, i was thinking "if" in the case she was suicided here, that damn post she wrote in the week before will have everyone think she had suicide on the mind. It was one of those motivational type sayings about suicide or people who are depressed. I have people on my social media who post that stuff all the time, many times in reference to someone they know or something they read and are sharing, doesn't mean they're suicidal. BUT if something happened to them after those kinds of posts, people would think something was going on in their personal lives.

Not sure what happened with this wrestler, but for regular people especially pizzagate/Q followers be careful about your public image, I've been very aware of this from the start of it all, it would be too easy for them to take out researchers and trumpets by just waiting for a moment where their image cracks and their death could be crafted as reckless or suicidal so no one would look to deeply. Also another reason why i post things under my real identity (on facebook anyway where i have my real life contacts and friendships), and make sure my image is buttoned up tight. If something weird happened to me it would just have more people buying into what i'm warning about .