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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeSxiwk-LVs Here's a testimony from someone regarding Midnight Productions.

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Thank you for sharing.

This feels important and sounds credible.

I wish this person felt compelled to share all the information and evidence they’re holding on to.

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Probably good that they don't. Maybe some way to handle it offline. Person sounds willing. Also sounds like a lot of telling information thus far. Don't want this to end badly for our meth survivor.

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There is a Peg Leg copper mine in Pinal, AZ.



Not trying to encourage contact. Just showing that the cell numbers identify that this is indeed the same John Hamp III that owns the production company in question. We have a face. Best not to tip them off.

T and T: 


John Hamp III:  (pure magic, eh?)


John / Tank’s Cell: 602-318-3323




PO Box 2688, Tucson, AZ


Registration:Mar 26, 2010

Phone:(602) 318-3323

State ID:485433

Business type:Trade Name

Member:T And T Party Productions Llc (Owner), PO Box 2688, Tucson, AZ 85719 (Physical)

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So Arizona Cottons is most likely a front

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It would make sense for them to use underage slave labor from Mexico to make their t-shirts. https://www.instagram.com/arizona_cottons/

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Peg Leg (33) ..... 33

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Searching T and T Party Production Llc Arizona leads to 135 S 6th Ave, Tucson Arizona.

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Pinal is quite similar to pineal.

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Fuck the Hells Angels they say they don’t touch women and children BULLSHIT. They run snuff film companies making and producing this shit all over the world. Why do you think they are regularly stationed in Thailand of all places? They are lying deceiving evil psychopaths. Look at the Pickton case in Canada it was shut down immediately when the Hells Angels were mentioned about regularly meeting there and the fact that mens DNA was found all over the place. They were filming snuff films there and the Hells Angels got busted for their snuff film enterprise they flooded the darknet with around the same time. The Freemasons use the HA as their muscle as many of the top members are also Freemasons. Sick fucks.

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I never knew any of this. Thanks

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All of those gangs are Freemasonic in origin. Bloods and Crips represent the Masonic idea of duality.

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interesting not heard that idea before

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This makes tons of sense.

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Considering how they do blood sacrifices to demons like Ba'al for wealth and prosperity, John Hamp III is definitely suspect.

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Mikelle Biggs was 11-years-old when she was abducted from a Mesa neighborhood while waiting for the ice-cream man.


Ice cream is a pedo code word for a male prostitute.

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