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Nice work, rickman. I'm giving this a Potential Lead flair.

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First-rate job, man.

Excellent post and lots of leads.

Shady as hell right down to Burger Baby.

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Sounds like the pedos have gone underground out of the US. I bet Canada has one. I'd look there.

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Looked up Lesley Abravanel Andersson on fb and was surprised to see the pedo symbol on the first page as an icon for one of her follwers.

Lesley Abravanel Andersson

Clicked on the icon and it took me to some one named Maria Elise's fb page with the pedo symbol prominently displayed on the front page. Another photo of the pedo swirl on the photos section with the words "Light it up Blue" - some organization that looks like it's "raising money for autistic kids"... but the first thing that came to mind was the fact that many child abusers, molesters and rapists purposely harm disabled children because they are not able to speak.

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Fortune telling penis readers? "I see a herpes outbreak in your future."

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I seem to recall there is also a BED supperclub in Bangkok. It was too ritzy for me, full of high-so's.