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This implies NXIVM was not fully disbanded

Of course not. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6899869/Sex-slave-master-Allison-Mack-pleads-guilty-Nxivm-case-agreeing-minute-deal.html

Allison Mack reached a last second deal with prosecutors and entered a guilty plea to multiple felonies in a Brooklyn court on Monday ...The plea means Mack will avoid going to trial with founder Keith Raniere wealthy heiress Clare Bronfman and another member Kathy Russell

The trial was breadcrumbs for the likes of us.. Epstein got a slap on the wrist. Now he's building some new complex on the other St James island that he bought.

Do you realize how deep this goes? Read this post, especially the info in the comments, and absorb what it means: Digging deeper into Keith Raniere's "Global Technologies Inc" reveals truly global links and maybe, government agencies connections. This needs more eyes...

especially this bit: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3179905/18234013

According to his resume he was at the Idaho National Engineering Lab (1974-1995), then President of GTI ID (1995-2007), Principal Scientist at NSTec (Remote Sensing Lab, Las Vegas) from (2008-2012), Global Medial Isotope Systems CTO (Las Vegas) presently

and read this https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3228844/18716133 including:

NOTE: See Isaac Kappy said investigate Lyme Disease & St. Louis University and sent me down the PANS/PANDAS rabbithole to Laura Silsby and friends

[#Raniere] Global Technologies Inc is a privately held company in Idaho Falls, ID and is a Headquarters business...President: Francis Tsang....

From Isaac Kappy said investigate Lyme Disease & St. Louis University and sent me down the PANS/PANDAS rabbithole to Laura Silsby and friends

Voat post re Idaho National Engineering:...Re Battelle Energy : comment on Dr Quentin Van Meter on unethical transgender medicine involving children, WPATH and the NIH - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2961440/16009957 :...Additionally, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security:..

The scale of what is going on is beyond most people's comprehension. If I were to summarise what we have found so far most people would not be able to believe it or even grasp it, even though we have much documentation now.

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I think you need to do it (whether we understand it or not), as it will allow us some structural narrative to vet/guide our continued research and dissemination.

I think we're capable of believing it.

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I think we're capable of believing it.

On this forum yes. I was more referring to those outside of it. Will do a summary in the future, or try to at any rate.

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If I were to summarise what we have found so far most people would not be able to believe it or even grasp it, even though we have much documentation now.

I wonder whether you might consider writing a summary of your research, @letsdothis3.

Nobody has a better overview of all connections. we could maybe sticky it, or put it in the sidebar .

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I'll think about doing a summary but feel it's still a bit premature. Atm want to focus on documentation. Summary pencilled in for the future.

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Transgender agenda through critical theory, decriminalisation of pedophilia through liberal politics. What do people want?

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  • mass attacks on health, emotional well being, and intelligence

  • organ procurement organizations/liberal doctors/medical orgs/drug companies/genetecists farming us for biological material

  • ritual occult abuse

  • sex slavery

I see what @letsdothis3 means. So many moving pieces, it's hard to know where to disassemble the machine so that you can lay it out disassembled yet still make it recognizeable.

edit: lol...just figured out how to make bullet points.

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CAVE™ The CAVE™ is a multi-person, room-sized, high-resolution 3D video and audio environment invented at EVL in 1991. Graphics are projected in stereo onto three walls and the floor, and viewed with active stereo glasses equipped with a location sensor. As the user moves within the display boundaries, the correct perspective is displayed in real-time to achieve a fully immersive experience.

Bright Advanced Technology (BAT) CAVE™ In June 2001, EVL built the next-generation Bright Advanced Technology CAVE™, or BAT CAVE, using Christie Digital Systems’ Mirage 5000 projectors - the first DLP-based Active Stereoscopic projector - and near-black screens for higher contrast.

The BAT CAVE’s brightness, clarity and enhanced depth perspective produce more captivating real-time, real-life projection simulations than previous CAVE™ technology.

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Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints (Warren Jeff's Church is one faction, but there is another Church who is taking over

Short Creek, which is made up of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, is surrounded by the Canaan Mountains.

She believed the land below was her birthright, her reward, her refuge from the coming apocalypse. Her church built the twin towns — Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City — by hand.

Nobody knew why God had left Short Creek. But the prophet said Zion was somewhere else, that wickedness would soon spill over the mountains, and Barlow watched from above as God's kingdom crumbled.


I believe the other faction is The Dream City Church of Phoenix


After Jeff's was arrested, things changed

FLDS Church lets go of sprawling Arizona worship center


The worldwide Dream Center is a Christian based organization that is commonly known for helping people overcome addictions and escaping prostitution in the middle of urban cities. The Short Creek Dream Center is dealing with Polygamy and the issues it causes within their small town community. This community is lower income, 80% minors and 20% uneducated adults. They lack simple life and job skills that we take for granted, there is little to no positive male influence and our true God is unknown. To the people of this community Warren Jeffs is known as their god. Warren is completely opposite of the kind of love our God gives us. Infants would be separated from their mothers at birth, family members would be taken in the middle of the night, and moved to other houses nationwide without contact with their siblings and mothers. If they were to contact them, they would be kicked out of the order without any money, documentation and cut off from any friends and family. Because of this they never had the opportunity to build any kind of loving relationship. Those left at the house were under constant scrutiny to maintain there worthiness under the leaderships eyes. Rape with women and children was a continuous issue. Relationships with others were hindered/controlled by wire tapping, being sent to the ‘quiet house’, and being moved to different locations in Canada, Mexico or somewhere unknown in the U.S.. These are just a few examples of the control this community is under.

This house is now being renovated into a safe/halfway house for those families who are escaping Polygamy. At the Dream Center there is a staff there who teach basic life skills as far as cooking, education and hygiene. They also provide trauma counseling and guide them to Jesus by simple love. Numbered and watched sleeping quarters have been transformed into beautiful, inviting rooms of restoration. Individuals and groups have adopted these rooms and redesigned them with their own unique flavor. Some rooms are designed for moms, others are for multiple children while others are designed for men. The former Jeffs bedroom is now a comforting, inviting conference room where new tenants will first meet with the staff. This house that was once a place of horror and sin is now a home for the Dream Center filled with peace, love and the Holy Spirit. Former residents of the Jeff’s house have visited and have noticed the difference of how the house feels. What they feel and don’t know, is the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ which is now evident in the home.


Another blind from CDAN...

You might wonder what all of this has in connection to Hollywood. Well, first of all, the financing of course all comes from our A+ list mogul. There is one very important other thing. Have you wondered why every male celebrity over the past couple of years goes to a rehab facility in Arizona, but you never see any photos of the rehab facility or them in the rehab facility? Have you wondered why no female celebrity has ever gone to this facility? Have you ever wondered why the men who go to this facility seemingly always stay longer than a normal 30 day rehab and often seem to go back every few months for followup treatment? Have you ever wondered why all of these male celebrities seem to be the ones with the longest histories of sexual indiscretions? When they don't mention Arizona, they will say an undisclosed location. Well, apparently all these guys like going to the same location and the flow never stops. It is not just celebrities, there has been a surge of high paid executives and others that have suddenly decided this rehab place is the one that they need to go to.

They have figured out a way for them to go to "rehab," and get "better," so the world will forgive them and let them get back to making a lot of money.

The rehab place....

The Meadows: What it's like where Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein reportedly are being treated for sex addiction


it's not far from Phonenix

Only men, that would be Gentel Path

The only thing crazier than what these sex addicts did is what they get at rehab


Only thing missing is Geffen's ties to the Dream Church

Is this the connection?


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Dream Center in Haiti was funded by Mormon family (Kimballs) in cooperation with Michael Zaleski and other Clinton donors. It was a short distance from where the Silsby children were headed... which was temporary at a resort with a pool and hot tub rented by the Jesuit Order across the street.

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The claim that all the girls are innocent brainwashed victims is the misdirection and spin. It plays into an easily believable and false narrative for white knight tards to jump behind. Meanwhile, the really evil psychopath brothel madams escape- stage left.

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Taxi driver :)

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NXIVM isn't disbanded at all. Obviously, it is being run from Mexico now. Also, the male secret society within NXIVM still seems to meet. (There was an article on the Frank Report website about it.)

Yesterday, I read a news report about how brainwashed the NXIVM members were. sometimes it-s hard to believe that adults would believe such a crap.

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adults are children who have survived longer than most

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This one has a ring of truth.

Plus none of the political leaders covering and implicated in the cult have been indicted. I doubt very much rumors weren't floating around Albany. Especially with NXIVM being designated a cult and the Times-Union on the case. It appeared in other media also. Then there were the charges of branding and psychological torture and still Cuomo and the politicians/law enforcement in Albany just didn't have a clue, eh?

Hard to believe ... so I won't.

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Meghan Markle comes to mind..... CDAN has blinds about her a lot and always refers to her as "former actress". She and Harry belong to private member's club Soho House owned by Ron Burkle.

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