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From the underage sex slave Iris in Taxi Driver to the mid to late 20s Jake LaMotta sniffing after the 15 year old Vikki in Raging Bull to the murderous, sadistic child rapist Max Cady in Cape Fear to Ginger McKenna, the prostitute wife of mobster Sam "Ace" Rothstein who had been pimped out since the age of 14 in Casino, there is an extremely disturbing, recurring theme of paedophilia in Scorsese's collaborations with DeChomo.

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All projection with the left. Punchy DiNero made a Hollywood career of it.

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The right is totally innocent? Google Midnight Tours of the White House.

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nice dig... added.

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Two of the Last 3 People to see John Belushi Alive were Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams

3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead.

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Yes, this was one of the strongest pieces of evidence for the pedo food code. I believe I posted about it once. A great reminder.

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He calls her a chicken. Maybe then it wasn’t just a homosexual term. Maybe it was what another term for all underage sex partners.

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He says the her pimp "calls her a piece of chicken". Weird phrasing.

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Omg that kills me! My understanding throughout all of this is that “ping pong’ing“ is the same thing. True, ya think? 😢

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=kxmPzFQe63w&t=103s :

Taxi Driver 1976_the talk between Travis and Iris - YouTube

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She's gonna go to a commune. For safety.

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That white van stopped under the pizza sign tho.

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Yes, a suitable van for the "finders" or some other group mounting abductions. Or for the FBI under cover.

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