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Take it as you will, I been watching this shit to long to have those ignorant of language to advise me on how to present shit. If you spent the time to even flick through the vid you would find a wealth of info, to bad you have not the capacity to connect. My advice, stay with milk it digests a little easier :)

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Well, you don't sound like a bot. :-)

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Please do as @Vindicator asks for I have read your report (as hard as it was) and find it quite interesting. What I would like to know is how this figures into the Atlantean Child Murders? John Lennon and Yoko aside I didn't see it. Just would like to know why you think it does. Am willing to listen to your point of view. I had a huge interest in those murders for they completely fooled me. Now that I have been woke up, still Very Interested. Are there clues in those messages on the stones?

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Sheesh. Have you heard of PARAGRAPHS? This is unreadable.