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Consider: With “sexual orientation” increasingly becoming a legally protected category across almost half of the states already — with Congress working on it too — the implications of defining pedophilia and pederasty as such are hard to overstate. For instance, in California, “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation” is prohibited. If pedophiles simply have a different “sexual orientation,” does that mean schools are required to hire them?

Establishment propaganda outlets disguised as news organizations such as Salon and Slate have also been working to normalize and redefine pedophilia and pederasty as a “sexual orientation.” LGBT movement hero Harvey Milk, who is celebrated in California's fake “history” textbooks as a great figure, was known for raping minor boys, at least one of whom later committed suicide. There seems to be a trend here in California.

Yes, those that follow this thinking never want to hear those words. Harvey Milk raped minor boys. Bring it up and they will fight you til the end and put their hands over their ears.

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Time to give California to Mexico. Final straw (not a plastic one).

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California, Where else. They are taking away their innocence and their Childhood with this sick education. This must stop now. Gold help us and them.

Edit: OOPS! Yes I did mean God help us. :-/

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You wrote : Gold help us and them. Think you meant 'God'.... I think your well researched Gold Circle post is on your mind :-)

Why do I bring up Gold Circle here? Because Kerrie Torres works with the Brea Olinda Unified School District and I've been going through their Twitter accounts. What is going on in Brea county is disturbing. They are fully signed up to Common Core and the dictates of the NWO. In fact, they almost look like a cult, the programming is so deep. On this tweet we have https://twitter.com/BreaCanyon/status/1113865901978214400

@BreaOlindaUSD Superintendent, Dr. Brad Mason, speaking to our On Your Own & Student Leadership Ss about life, challenges and opportunity. Our @BreaRotary Careers Speaker program still going strong

Brad retweeted : https://twitter.com/John_Eick/status/974714367957585920

@BreaOlindaSupt and his team from @LaurelLeopard hit a home run at #CUE18 with their session on Building a Magnet School with Business Partnerships.

[There seem to be a lot of business partnerships in Brea, including with Northrop https://twitter.com/Supt_Giamarino/status/1067455845733040128 , but I digress...]

Laurel Leopards is a Gold Ribbon school. When I saw that I immediately thought of your post

and this 'progressive' thinking school works with McDonalds, of course, because they care so much about the children, right? https://twitter.com/LaurelLeopard/status/1090303049762066432

I'm trying to find more info on the Gold Ribbon award https://www.omsd.net/page/313

The focus of the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award will be to recognize California schools that have made tremendous gains in implementing the academic content and performance standards adopted by the State Board of Education for all students, including English learners. These include, but are not limited to, the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, California English Language Development Standards, Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Dr Brad Mason is an advisor to the Brea Education Foundation http://www.breaedfoundation.org/board-of-directors

The Chair is Ric Clough (ex Brea Chamber Chair) and mentioned here in this 2010 article: Brea’s council race: ‘a little more nasty’

Ric Clough, 41, public safety educator, is seeking a seat on the Brea City Council.

Paid political advertisements this campaign season have depicted candidates for Brea City Council as dogs and a current council member as a monkey. Blogs and e-mails have become weapons of political attack and police are getting reports of stolen campaign signs. Observers are calling this year’s Brea’s City Council race the most heated they can recall.

The endorsement of Moore and Clough by Brea’s police and fire unions has come up repeatedly during the campaign.

I don't know why parents don't get the hell out of California.

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The smart ones have. The reason California is continuing to go further left is all of the right leaning people have left or are leaving. There is no saving California.

In their place are h1b Visa holders, illegals/refugees, and the constant flow of people moving to the state for jobs.

I'd say the tipping points were mandatory vaccines for public school kids and banning extended magazines.

That's when I left :)

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I wanted to move to Cali back in the 70s. What was I thinking. Thank God I came to my senses. I would never have met My Darling Husband. There are people I know that visit San Fran and would love to buy a place out there if they only could afford it. They are great people just a little clueless. I hope they don't get more money. Lord help them. Yes I am sure I meant God help them and not Gold. You say the school works with McDonald's? Well Gold Circle's only customer IS McDonald's. I just can't get that through my head. There is def something up with that Org. Btw there is also a Blue Ribbon Award for schools. It is a U.S. Award not a state award I believe. Possibly the Gold is for Common Core Schools and Blue is for Public Schools? My friend's Grandchild goes to a Blue Ribbon School in another state and it is a Public School. There sure is some hanky panky they are playing with Our Children..

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Where is the founder of Rotary International from?

Racine, Wisconsin

What is the purpose of Rotary International and who are their partners?

Why did Rotary in Racine do to celebrate their 100th anniversary?

What crimes were committed in the process?

What officials are members of Rotary?

What officials are Freemasons?

Who are the Knights of Pythias, Knights of Malta, Sons of Norway, Dutch Brotherhood, Club of Rome, Atlantic Council and Committee of 300?

What is the role of the Aspen Institute, Cato Institute and Brookings Institution?

What is the new “Black Gold” that Racine has access to? What will happen to California?

What is the purpose of United Way?

What is the purpose of United Nations?

What is the Foundation of UN Agenda 21 and 2030?

What is the meaning of the names Red Cross and Salvation Army?

What is the Race to the Top really about?

Who ran Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign in Wisconsin?

What does he do now?

Why is a Russian adoptee being groomed as the next mayor of Racine?

What is the purpose of the Back the Badge campaign?

Why have local communities received military equipment?

What is the net result of Hillary’s Model of Community Policing?

Where did the Clintons make The Deal to endorse the Model for Community Policing?

Racine, Wisconsin

Where did Trump make The Deal to endorse the Model for 5G+ AI and the Mark of the Beast?

Racine, Wisconsin

What is The Truth they cannot allow The World to Know?

Jesus is The Lamb. The Truth is The Lion.

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I must confess this news has sent me into a state of deep depression.....if i had been in the room when this was spoken of I'd have probably had a full blown anxiety attack.

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I can't say I blame you. Though I fear that I would have initiated an attack of quite a different sort!

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Wow! Listen to this ! Kerry Torres being questioned by parents as to why the teaching of pedophilia as a sexual orientation.. https://youtu.be/FjrRt75mYqE Sorry didn’t realize this was he same video op posted .. this woman needs to be made famous on her IG . She uses intimidation and It works with most parents sadly .

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This is not new and fairly typical in public education. Kids have been taught about pederasty and pedophilia that took place in ancient times and this is indeed a form of normalization.

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Why is pedophilia taught as a sexual orientation when it is clearly a psychiatric disorder? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedophilia

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Because homosexuality used to be considered a psychiatric disorder as well...

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Homosexuality wasn't taught as a natural sexual orientation when it was a disorder. Until pedofilia is a disorder it simply must not be taught as a natural sexual orientation.

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I think it was last year when the APA in their manual of psychiatric disorders made pedophilia a sexual orientation, not a disorder. There was of course protest, so they changed it and published an updated version re-classifying it back to a disorder. But its very clear what the goal is.

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