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Cool, Factfinder2. I'm flairing and stickying this!

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Get the autists from 4chan on this.

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4chan is comped. Obviously. 8ch or neinch is best.

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I think I may have found one. They were asking about this palm tree logo on a pillowcase. I found this hotel in India. Looks pretty similar -- same tree, same swoosh beneath. I'm wondering if maybe the pillowcase is an older version of the logo? The sheets in the hotel pics don't have a logo.

Edit: Dug a bit more...thinking the last word must be "Palmeras". I figure it must be a budget hotel to print it's logo on the pillowcase like that.

Here's on in Belize: http://www.belizeexplorer.com/Hotel-Las-Palmeras.html. Typeface doesn't match, though. Anyone else wanna take a go?

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Yes, similar and could be an older version, but the lettering is off.

My guess is the final letters on the pillowcase are ERA so not a match with Hotel Green Grass.

Is that an accent mark above the final A or just a messy print job?

Accent marks could help identify the language/countries and then countries narrowed down to those that have palm trees.

Vietnamese would be one candidate. It uses a lot of accent marks: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=vi&u=https%3A%2F%2Fvietnamesetypography.com%2Fdiacritical-details%2F

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Looks like a messy print job, to me. And it looks like the top of an "S" to the right of it. I posted both hotel pics in reply to the Europol Tweet on this image.

I can't really tell if the lighter green at the bottom is part of the image on the pillowcase, or if it's a separate green blanket or something.

Also, what has been whited out? I'm almost afraid to ask. Kinda looks like a little bit of hair at the top of the white stuff in the center. But it's a weird shape for a head. And what's the brown stuff?

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genius work and idea

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Location - Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, filapinnes

Im strongly favoring filapennes and am leaving Thailand out. This is way too flat to be Thailand and Cambodia really

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I'd say the Philippines too, because palomino sounds Spanish and Tagalog is basically half Spanish.