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Ok here's something interesting

Daily Mail records his death, but talks up how Halligen was accused of defrauding the McCann's 'find our daughter' fund of $300 000


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Interesting Article regarding this post


This individual, Kevin Halligen was clearly a shady character, and he may have made a number of enemies over the years. However, his association with Gerry and Kate McCann, suspected by many of concealing facts about their daughter's disappearance, is bound to raise questions. Did Halligen learn the truth, and was he threatening to reveal it? Speculation, obviously, but his gruesome sounding death is another strange chapter in this ongoing McCann story.

They also link to one of our posts from the past https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2205988 Nice to see @millennial_vulcan

a comment from @Matt_Helm

Gerry and Kate rented Maddie to the Podestas then they took her without paying full price for her. The parents covered up everything and most likely Maddie was killed but mom and dad knew exactly who took her and where she was disposed of.

I very much agree. This was a Bloody Mess of a Murder no matter when it occurred. We had discovered in the past that Maddy had coloboma and so did G Soros. Didn't we also discover that her mom had been inseminated? Who's baby really was Maddy? Who was the real father? I propose that's why Gerry didn't mind giving her up. She wasn't his.But that may just be speculation on my part. Also I remember that Gerry had a policeman friend that cleaned CP out of Gerry's computer. Still so many questions without answers.

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I am interested that this article states he linked the podestas to portugal at the time. I recall that they were in a conference in portugal near the time alright but the internet was scrubbed of that fairly quickly ( that or I went down a rabbit hole I cant find since, and trust me I looked )

@Blacksmith21 don't despair this particular topic is covered on multiple sites and quite a bit of the digging here works its way over.

We're coming back into election season and sure as shit Maddie comes back up again with this new season on Netflix all while JP is in NZ before the shooting. Maddie is like a dog whistle to these guys. This all started at the same time Obama went to run for office and the efits of the podestas came out just before John took a job with Obama years later. Watch this space we will hear more on this story in the next 12 months 100% guarantee.

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I have not seen a piece of evidence which decisively links Podesta(s) to Praia da Luz around the time of McCann's disappearance. The association with Clement Freud is highly suspicious. The e-Fits were damning. Chances are a hit was put out on Halligan when he released the NSY e-Fits to Daily Mail (?).

The e-Fits are evidence which stands on it's on merits. No one has remotely come close to debunking it.

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I guess I'm wondering if the efits were a Fusion GPS "piss dossier" type operation, against the Podestas. This sounds like Halligan knew about them before the efits were created. That's suspicious.

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There was something I had read....that Podestas emails mention him leaving the country at just the right time. I don't think it specifically mentions Portugal, though. Does anyone recall this? I'm talking like, pg 2016 speculations here.

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No sauce, but I recall seeing that too....an actual picture of a Podesta (might have been Tony) in Portugal, as you say for a conference, in someone's social media, though I think it was a while before Maddie was taken...I seem to recall that it was dug up from one of the early podesta emails that mentions a trip to europe

There was also lots of speculation around them staying with Clement Freud, or being there on the actual date of her disappearence, but no real evidence of that was ever found....though it's clear they knew Freud

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Yes, I'm noticing the stories that are being pulled back up during the election cycle...

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Thanks. I'm being sarcastic as I ranted about this event until I was blue in the face when it went down. I'm curious why it is re-emerging.

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You should watch the Netflix docu, its a complete piece of trash but its good to know what the official story is supposed to be.

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indeed... conman? or framed for what he dared expose ??

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Sorry, but didn't he die months ago?

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still completely relevant.

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yea he did it turns out. So why are these articles bringing it back in todays news cycle ?

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That new McCann doco just ran on TV or streaming or whatever.
Likely people are starting to scratch their heads about this shit again.

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....because these news outlets always recycle old stuff? (Just a hypothesis.)

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Ya. Our law enforcement knows about this shit and they refuse to do anything about it.

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I'd like to see Bill Clinton's wife attempting to defend herself and losing miserly in court, but for Podesta, it wouldn't bother me if news were to come out saying he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head 3-4 times, and not being able to get to a court case.

History is not going to be kind to these evil people.

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Pizzagate 101 https://imgoat.com/uploads/54d6fae5ee/201127.gif

Newfag rundown on the players http://magaimg.net/img/7d6h.jpg

It all started with Hawaii bro and secret pedo media distribution bunker https://imgoat.com/uploads/54d6fae5ee/201128.jpg

Comet ping pong was hacked during the election and Anons found this download portal but couldn't get further  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6j.jpg

On a separate page Anons found pizza menu items in detail http://magaimg.net/img/7d6k.jpg

And these pictures. They've essentially been completely blacked out. NSFL  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6l.jpg

Elsagate rundown


The CIA has been running child trafficking rings since the beginning. Definitely NSFL https://imgoat.com/uploads/54d6fae5ee/201130.jpg

They've been threatened before and they killed a sitting senator and her husband  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6c.jpg

It's all about the adrenochrome  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6d.jpg

Justin Beiber snaps because he was pimped out  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6e.jpg

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you seem pretty archival. Did you ever catch a screengrab of that MI5 or MI6 document showing that UK intelligence confirmed the Podesta's being at Clement Freud's house?

If only Podesta's wikileaks cache started a few weeks earlier we might have another source for verification....

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Bro you aren’t supposed to read those it’s illegal.

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Sorry fren. I don't. An easy way to save everything is in drop box and in note pad. I'm doing all this from my phone and have saved copy pastas ready for posting.

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Thanks for the links. Do you have any more verification on the hacking of comet ping pong?

My theory is that the efits were deliberately drawn to resemble the brothers. To highlight to those watching the case that the pizzagate pedo ring has her. She will be very valuable to them due to her eye marking they can verify to the elite rich punters that she is madeline mcann. It has helped the pedo ring that she is now so famous. Is this why the government keep throwing millions at them? There is an undercurrent here. I think these detectives knew and the efits were their way of showing the world the REAL culprits.

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Sorry that's all I saved on cpp. There was more floating around during the election but I didn't save it. I'm sure if you head over yo 4ch or 8ch someone will have it.

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Still getting blocked on imgoat. Security Cert still bung?

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Damn ok. I need to update those links. Thx

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I'm also getting a security block to the Daily Mail site. Interesting timing of such a thing huh?

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