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The Onion isnt supposed to do real news....

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TFW parodies strike close to home...

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I saw this (https://imgur.com/a/OSSP5yW) shirt at WallyWorld in the baby/toddler section, only one like it around and no tag. Moved it to the back of the rack but it was bugging me (mostly b/c of block 4). Was back a day later (yeah, always forget something) and that nagging feeling prompted me to pass by to see - and there it was, front of the rack. It wasn't there this week. Signal to someone? Why is one hand behind the back in 'see no evil', is the shushing about to be accompanied by a slap, and why is the rat reaching for the viewer in block 4?

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Yes its POV of a baby in a crib or small child also, given the angle

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Disney is now, and has forever been disgusting. Try to think of a Disney movie that doesn't include something from the occult. Can't do it. I mean all the oldies, like Cinderella, Snow White, etc.

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Apparently Walt Disney himself was a pedophile. He molested child actor Bobby Driscoll. https://ocweekly.com/new-book-alleges-walt-disney-was-a-gay-pedophile-6465882/

Fuck Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Not sure if this was scrubbed, but WD used to take his step daughter for trips alone in a cabin in Alaska. Maybe he just liked children of all sexes.

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O my Gosh. TY for posting about Bobby D. That is one of the saddest stories ever. I have had a hard time finding their story again. I think they are getting better at scrubbing now that we have posted about WD and his bad boy habits. He dropped Bobby for Kurt is what I have read. Yes, Kurt R. Yes Hollywood is filled with sexual weirdos and criminals. I don't see any movies of today and don't like any older movies with Children in them. It makes me sick.

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Occult is the right term. Disney knows its audience better than the audience does themselves. Its a mind control generating machine with deep knowledge of the inner mechanism of the human mind. Implanting ideas, therefore creating new desires for something which didn't come naturally. The entire Marketing & Sales aspect of today. Modern success is defined by your deception skills.

side note: What do you think of this?

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Actually those movies were made before disney was jewed and were meant to create a story of classic european tales. Also, disney knew about the jews. Was disney really pro-occult?

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Fantasia's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

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I'm giving this the Share! flair. It's high time we started lampooning these sick pieces of crap.

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Guardians of the pedophiles.

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The Jester was allowed to make fun of the king. Comedians are allowed to tell the truth in disguise of jokes. Movies tell more truth than news. But still, no source tells the entire truth. It lies in the mids of all.

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From the recent CP rings which were busted to the Country Walk Babysitting Service back in the 80s, Disney has a long and proud history of promoting and nurturing bright, paedophilic talent.

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