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I keep seeing an ad in my Twitter feed for an app called "Head Space" supposedly to teach you transcendental meditation. Gives me the chills every time it pops up. What do you want to bet it's just mind control. Think about it: you download the app and start using it. They can track your progress. They can probably tweak it to feed you hypnotic suggestions while you are trying to blank your mind. Then via GPS on the phone, if they ever want to develop you further as an asset, they can just track you down and randomly "meet" you at your next trip to Starbucks.


I wonder if from a spiritual warfare perspective, clicking the "accept" button on their terms of service is tantamount to consenting to demonic possession?


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a “nonsectarian fellowship, originating in Indonesia, that fosters meditation.”

That's what they always say. /s

@darkknight111 @ASolo - have you seen this post?


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