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So have you filled out any of these forms? How many millions have you made so far? Just wondering.

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If you all started doing your job as citizens

I figured I would take the time to remind you all to stop being lazy about Pizzagate.

Could you please explain to me why you need to insult Pizzagate researchers on this board?

Unless you're part of an intelligence agency operation, you don't know anything about what the people on this board have been doing or not been doing.

Thank you.

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Before I flair and sticky this as promised, WoS, can you please explain which box ought to be checked and how we are supposed to answer this question on the form, especially the last line:

Describe the Alleged Violation. State all pertinent facts to the alleged violation. (Attach a detailed explanation and include all supporting information in your possession and describe the availability and location of any additional supporting information not in your possession.) Explain why you believe the act described constitutes a violation of the tax laws

I know something about personal and small business taxes, but I have no clue about 501c3 or other not-for-profit tax rules.

Do you maybe have a link to the form the law firm that narked on the Clinton Foundation filled out so we can see how they did it?

Also, you might want to consider editing your assholery comments at the end of the OP insulting pizzagate researchers, otherwise when I sticky it you'll just turn into a dart board for downvotes.

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If you are talking about actually getting organized and doing something, I'm not a figurehead for "Pizzagate" as it has a lot of different definitions to different people. AND THAT'S FINE. Seriously.

I just have my own niche and I have always maintained that, if you want to get these people, you start with Uranium One. Forget Pizzagate for a minute. Just look at the Russian money trail. It is really, really easy to break down.

Whatever your personal political opinion is, the only way to get the answers here is through government transparency. No matter which side of the aisle, this is what you should be asking your politicians for. LET'S START THERE. Do you have a list of people a TRANSPARENCY movement could complain to about policy? Their emails? Their addresses to write letters? Their phone numbers? Who are these people in charge and how can we politely contact them to ask about these kinds of things. Has anyone tried that?

I have EVERYONE's email addresses. You want some specific lists that would help a truth movement? Email blasts? As long as it's done politely, and if everyone can play nice, to push for change.

These online corners have been divided hard and the divisive targeting is only going to get worse. Are you actually ready for that?

If so, then you go ahead and get ready to create a TRUTH CULT to get to the bottom of things and get justice and it isn't a short quick road and it isn't a passive effort.

If you use the inverse of their tricks to 'demagick' or 'deprogram' or whatever you want to call it, in a focused manner, a small but determined group of people can raise a lot of awareness. Do you have any type of awareness campaigns? Do you know how many people marched at The White March? It was the response to the Dutroux case. This problem is nothing new.

If you start with Uranium One, and work your way out, you can, in a non-controversial way, take down every single player in which ever version of "Pizzagate" makes sense to you.

Despite a mountain of evidence, people are going to keep calling you crazy; but, not if you start with Uranium One.

Beyond that: If you see a crime, report a crime. You are allowed to report crimes anonymously as long as you are doing it in good faith. Don't jump to wild conclusions. Connect the dots, for yourself.

If you want to talk about focus and direction, I think that's great. Just know that I have no desire for any type of control or responsibility for /v/Pizzagate, itself. That's why I recommend we have a dialogue before you start taking steps that will draw all the wrong attention.

Point being, a plan should be implemented in stages that starts with Ian Telfer et al > Clinton et al, and Ruben Vardanyan et al > Podesta et al.

Do you see why my advice is not necessarily Pizzagate related, but it might be the best way to bring focus to the problem? IT DESTROYS THE MEDIA NARRATIVE. I've been saying it for years.

Let me know what you think. Good night.

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Do you know how many people marched at The White March?

And do you know why it stopped there? Because people found that their whole society is totally corrupt, and the government and the judciary system is full of pedos, and people got killed. And they were not able to process this, psychologically, and to find a starting point for creating a new system.

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you go ahead and get ready to create a TRUTH CULT

You must be kidding, right?

If you start with Uranium One, and work your way out, you can, in a non-controversial way, take down every single player in which ever version of "Pizzagate" makes sense to you.

So if you have been doing this for years, like you say, how many players did you take out?

Asking for a friend.

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Hold up. Go slow. I don't need you to sticky, just yet. Let's talk about the smart way to go about this. Give me a moment to put together some advice.