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That Hollywood dance studio sounds like a grooming honeypot for Pedowood.

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OMG!!! Those girls are about the same as my friend's Grandchildren. Frightening. He's another Dan Schneider in Training. Someone is protecting him but why? Must be a reason.

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His Instagram was open yesterday and it’s private today. Woooooow. Hi Shane, you sick fuck still working with kids and teens we see. People are watching. You thought your 12 year old victim was of legal age because she worked behind the dance counter??!! THAT was your defence? She was 12. You are ruining these kids lives they will never be the same. They trust you and you manipulate them. You are EVIL. No soul. You know EXACTLY what you are doing. Greedy narcissistic piece of shit. You are 50 years old you sick fuck. I hope all of your colleagues know who the real Shane Sparks is and parents don’t let their kids anywhere near you.

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16 is age of consent in NZ. So its possible she looked 16. This one is a reach

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Wow over 18k followers on IG and it’s private..

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Unrelated to this post, but anybody wanna look into this?

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