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I think that nasty waste of skin Joe Jackson figured out MKultra like things on his own, just being an abusive, greedy, POS

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It is said that Joe abused Michael himself. Joe really hated Michael. Why? Because he hated that he was more slight in stature and had a softness to him. He had compassion and feelings. Something Joe did not admire. He might even have thought Michael was going to be or was gay. That would really disgust him. He also allowed others to abuse him for money. We know many stars sold off their Children to others. I propose that Joe just let Hollywood have their way with Michael. He shut his eyes and took the money. His wife did the same. There were many black Music Stars that took him to bed as well. This is just as horrid as it gets. I truly believe Michael was under MK Ultra. Why not? They did it to Judy Garland and others. Why not Michael. They knew the world and his Child fans were following his every move. He was used as a Pied Piper. Many fans refuse to see the truth even now. The Moguls knew what they were doing as well as Sony. Michael was their Cash Cow. @darkknight111

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katherine jackson is just as guilty as joe and would be charged in a court of law as being complicit in their childrens abuse

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This was God Awful to read. Does anyone remember those mind control messages that were discovered? Some of us opened them and they were dangerous. They flashed in front of you, all kinds of crazy pics and moving messages at once. They released info about elites in those hidden moving messages. I can't remember what they were called but you could only watch for seconds. They messed with your mind. Well, that's what Torture reminded me of. If I find the answer to my memories I will post it. It began with H.

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Are you referring to LHOHQ website? It is a strange one.

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OMG. THATS IT. Thank you. I’m too afraid to link to it. Will have to look it up. It’s dangerous imo. I was only able to watch a little bit. There might be osts on it. Wow Thanks. Yeah Strange One is right.

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Youre right this is God awful. What a sick sad world this is 🙏🏼 -- I dont remember seeing that. Please post if you remember. God bless.

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I know who to ask. Will do.

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Was it those weird websites?

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I’d say he was without a doubt. The transformation from black to white could possibly signify the death of an altar.

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vigilantcitizen - https://archive.is/YXzHp

ewetoob - https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=4qR5tRwvuas

Michael Jackson says Ignorant


The Jacksons - Torture

image - https://archive.is/gGupf

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Possible I guess. There's too much implied in that Vigilant Citizen link for me though, like they're speaking as if they are all knowing and confirming things that can't be confirmed. The big thing against this theory though is that MJ got in good with parents and then the kids, somehow winning their trust (I guess you could put that down to being starstruck or something) enabling him to be too close to the kids. That to me speaks more of a predatory type, a typical "sexual predator".

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The MK/DID theory would rationally explain Macaulay Culkin’s account being truthful ie he didn’t have an encounter with the “predator” alt.

There was a CDAN about MJ saying “this is not a place you should be” to Culkin that would make perfect sense under MK.

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The problem with the DID theory is that it is like another person takes over. Any kid involved with MJ would have seen this change and it would have scared them off. Personally, I think it was a typical grooming case.

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Brice Taylor reported that Bob Hope handlers raped all Jackson boys backstage before they appeared on Ed Sullivan Show to perform on TV the first time.

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