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Only today a lady told me she had applied for a job at a daycare. She said she was stunned that they offered to employ her, and did hardly want to know anything about her background. When she told them she thought this was a bit odd, they seemed to be upset.


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The pedo system works 24/7 right under our noses.

It's normal for them. even casual.

It's all a front speakeasy style, the businesses themselves are all fake, to cover for the real criminal element just underneath the surface.

And people still send their kids to daycare!

We better get used to healing people that have been molested as children because between the past 15-20 years of 'no-effort' parenting, they might just end up the majority of the population!


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For all newfags

Pizzagate 101 https://imgoat.com/uploads/54d6fae5ee/201127.gif

Newfag rundown on the players http://magaimg.net/img/7d6h.jpg

It all started with Hawaii bro and secret pedo media distribution bunker https://imgoat.com/uploads/54d6fae5ee/201128.jpg

Comet ping pong was hacked during the election and Anons found this download portal but couldn't get further  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6j.jpg

On a separate page Anons found pizza menu items in detail http://magaimg.net/img/7d6k.jpg

And these pictures. They've essentially been completely blacked out. NSFL  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6l.jpg

Elsagate rundown


The CIA has been running child trafficking rings since the beginning. Definitely NSFL https://imgoat.com/uploads/54d6fae5ee/201130.jpg

They've been threatened before and they killed a sitting senator and her husband  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6c.jpg

It's all about the adrenochrome  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6d.jpg

Justin Beiber snaps because he was pimped out  http://magaimg.net/img/7d6e.jpg


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"No participant is ever alone with children, and we have not received any complaints about any inappropriate behavior by participants at storytimes,"

Translate to:

Why are you upset? He might have assaulted kids in the past, but he certainly didn't assault anyone while he was here - so what are you even complaining about?


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Never trust anyone who promotes any mixing of homosexuality and children, ever. Point in fact. Homos reproduce by molestation. 80% of homos report have had some form of sexual abuse by another male during childhood. Anyone who trusts a homosexual around their innocent children are unfit parents. This rise in homosexual behavior is not solely due to the aggressive homosexual lobby, but a calculated policy of gays to infiltrate positions that bring them into contact with children, priests, Boy Scouts, children's charities, youth sports, etc. and then to sadistically reproduce by molestation.


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Fuck their past actions, I'm concerned about the future. Your average felon committs hundreds of offenses before they get caught. These sick fucks are a ticking time bomb and WILL molest children.


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Rhea Lawson, Ph.D., Executive Director

Dr. Lawson has served as the Executive Director of the Houston Public Library (HPL) since 2005. She is keenly focused on ensuring that public libraries in general and HPL in particular, remain essential to the quality of life in communities. The library system is continuously evolving and moving forward to a comprehensive, innovative platform of services and programs that meet the rapidly changing needs of Houston’s residents and the digital environment.



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Rings a bell... Gross negligence? Apologies won't do, if they were my kids.

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