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I agree. You know, women are the worst with this stuff. They defend gays and cross dressers and drag queens. They think they are their gfs or something. They feel a kinship or something? I have heard younger women at parties and get togethers saying Oh he's so cute! He helps me with my fashion tips, etc. They trade recipes etc. It's time to stop this immoral support.

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But if you dare to question any of that you're a transphobic, homophobic, bigoted Nazi.


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You have to be batshit crazy as a parent to send your child to an event like this.

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Libraries are where young people go to learn, so they infiltrate. They burnt the Conroe County library because of all the great books contained. I read how to make rocket engines when I was 7. Those books are banned now, unless you pay to go to college. When I was a kid the local deputy would have hauled these freaks off to parts unknown just for being freaks, without bothering to inform the Sheriff.Times have changed in 40 years.

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I'm all for kids to do more reading, but this is inexcusable. The library should be shutdown and whoever brought that thing in to do the reading should be arrested and go to prison. Enough is enough with this trans bullshit. IDC who calls me transphobic. This is what the left pushes, trans and hypersexuality of children. So fucking sick.

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Hi @Factfinder2,

would you consider crossposting to my new sub, v/TransgenderMadness? That would be terrific, thanks! :-)

Just use the same headline, and copypaste the url (https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3098858) into the submission sheet. Thanks!

And you and all other users are kindly invited to post there anytime! :-)

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Done. :-)

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Thank you! :-)

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Thanks much.

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i wonder how long it will be before A) drag queen story time stops because no more degenerate faggots left to read to them or B) trannies start demanding their child sex offenders status be revoked.

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Option B likely, I'd say.