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On Covert Politics


Along with authors as Pierre Pean from France, Jurgen Roth from Germany, and Hugo Gijssels from Flanders, Teacher should be counted as one of the major pioneers on documenting the conservative Paneuropa elite of mainland Europe. Without his writings for Lobster magazine in the late 1980s, almost none of this type of information would be available in the English-language world today. In fact, when Teacher's book Rogue Agents was finally published through ISGP in 2008, 15 years after various publishers refused to put it on the market, it still instantly became the premier English-language source on the Paneuropa elite, the NGOs it was working through, as well as its interactions with roughly similar conservative and very anti-communist elites in Great Britain and the United States.

In contrast to other works, which are focused on various scandals or hard-to-define Opus Dei activity, Teacher's book is specifically aimed at identifying all the different NGOs in the Paneuropa network and figuring out who its members were. In that sense it has a very practical approach and simply is the most detailed book on the subject. On top of that, having information easily accessible in English is absolutely crucial in pushing research forward.