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You guys didnt actually think this would stick. Disney = pedo. They distance for a brief period of time until the news fade, then it is business as usual. GOTG is a big moeny maker, they can milk anoth 100 mil out of a money. Same thing for Singer, he will be back working on X-men projects by next year.

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The brand GOTG and X men are licences to launder money through unaudited ticket sales... The PR of the brand now backs it to be in the 100 million club.. They could make another movie WITHOUT the singers and gunns..but the product would be different...they could even make a shitty product... ..using tootpicks as characters they could still launder black money via flase unaudited ticket salesand declare 100 million profits...but that wont fit in with the PR brand image...so they will find it difficult selling tbe PR with the brand if its a shitty product that has 100 million in profits.. People will start questiining the ticket sales...

Not many are watching these movies for it to create 100 million profits.. Its part of a money laubdering scheme..

The same happens in India...but over there the PR backs some of the crappiest movies on the planets history whilst claiming box office records , with quarter full movie halls running these movies for less than a week..

People in india are brainwashed to accept PR .industries bull crap...but in the US it has to sync with the movie.. .. In either case the record profits are a result of money laundered via unaudited false ticket sales..

Cinema halls are the pizza parlours of tinseltown

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How about a Share! flair. This is disgusting.

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Good idea.

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Yes. Utterly disgusting.

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Disney boycott list

Short and easy but not definitive list: anything with “Disney” in the name, Pixar, Lucasfilm ltd, A&E, Lifetime, ABC Entertainment Group, ESPN(all sportsball is mindrot though), Marvel(same for capeshit), POW!Entertainment(it is also capeshit)

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"It's a small world after all..."

Wouldn't it be nice to see Disneyland and Disney World closed down? I myself would be happy to see the land reclaimed by the natural wildlife and flora/fauna myself.

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Well then I guess Disney is comfortable with getting bombarded with the accusations they still so rightly deserve, we aren't going away.

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Doesn't surprise me one bit. Even Walt Disney was said to be a pedophile. Many people have come forward with the crazy things that go on there with children in secret places. Maybe Disneyland should be renamed Pedoland.

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His excuse was his own abuse...wow

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