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Emiliano Salinas indictment is coming soon. I hope. He's the key to unlocking a lot of the corruption in Arizona. Janet Napolitano, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Dennis Burke...the list goes on and on and on...

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Emilliano's Father and Uncle has solid Bush connections


There are others of NXIVM Mexico that could be part of the corruption


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While people who are normal may not know about this evil organization, it appears to be a huge web of crimes and many people will be dragged in because of their connections. So, maybe, just like Al Capone was a murderer and all else, he was brought down through tax evasion charge. It might be the same thing with this whole RICO operation. And, it could be more palatable to the normies, who cannot consider the evil that actually exists among these psychos. Remember the 60-40 rule!

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Thanks for that update and an informative post. It gives me a shudder to think that if “she” had won this whole thing would never have seen the light of justice but would likely have expanded and prospered.

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Mexican connection......Billionaire Carlos Slim from Mexico is the largest share holder for NY Times. It is said they would have gone under already if it were not for the money he poured in....Keith Raniere , got his start in Ark, when bill clinton was gov. World wide huge money behind it. Lots of connections to clintons including Andrew Cuomo and Kristen Gillibrand...when the clintons moved to NY from Ark , so did Keith Raniere.........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q48-ZHhAX-g

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Nice. Thanks

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This is magnificent.

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frankreport - https://archive.is/ZMScJ

courtlistener - https://archive.is/UgP4U

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read a CDAN blind that Sara Bronfam was out of the Country when arrests made and she will not come back to the US for fear of being arrested

of course with her and her husbands part in the take down of Libya, I would think they have friends in very high places here

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Bizarre. They even allow him to hang out with a convicted muderer. So disgusting. I feel sorry for Desmond.

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