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"our case went all the way to the Governor's office."

There is your answer right there. Governor is compromised and covering it up himself. She told on herself right here.

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I didn't check all your details, but I know a lot about this shit..

I was convince with the video of Desmond (pretending to) snort ketamine off his hand, and talking about the date rape drug, with a grown transsexual... and if that wasn't enough him sitting between a convicted killer and his gay lover on the couch with a painting with the word rohyphnol on it definitely seals the deal.

But of course also him stripping on stage at a gay bar while grown ass men give him dollars, or writhing on the floor on good morning America..

I mean how much fucking proof do you need already.


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I mean how much fucking proof do you need already.

Exactly, that's what makes the CPS investigation so fucking extrordinary. If they sweep a highly publicized and obvious case under the rug, how many other cases are being simply ignored?

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...him sitting between a convicted killer and his gay lover...

You mean the Reknowned 'Chicken Hawk' who's job it was to set up parties to lure in underage males to gay bars with free drinks? Sometimes they'd convince the straight ones (that's why some young women were there, to attract non gay males) to dress up in women's clothes and eventually take them home and accidentally 'find' ecstasy laying around (hypothetically speaking they said in a radio interview) and next thing you know that chicken hawk and his boyfriend (back in the day) would then have sex with the teen. that Convicted killer?, the on who killed his drug dealer? The guy who lived for free back then, supported by some billionaire and lives rent free today as a grown man, again, supported by a billionaire.

Alig claims there's always some billionaire willing to support club kids.

What mother wouldn't jump at the chance to have their 11 year old autistic spectrum drag kid learn the ropes from that guy? /s

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It was his room mate he killed by injecting a concoction like pipe cleaner into his veins. Was his roommate also his drug dealer? Or was there another one, or are you talking about his boyfriend that was on the right of Dez.

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Hurry, someone get the mom to smoke a joint at her house, then they can file charges.

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Speaking of Alig, shit like "Club Kids" existed.

STILL exists. Desmond even refers to himself as one on his instagram. "World’s Youngest Club Kid"

The problem with things like this is they can analyse the situation based very much on whether or not the kid is happy and wants to be doing these things. It doesn't take into account that he may have been forced into doing these things, or brainwashed into doing these things, and it's now just an accepted part of his life. He obviously wants to do these things now, but how they have deemed it okay for him to be in such environments with such people is beyond me. He's a fucking kid! Why is it acceptable for a kid to perform at a gay nightclub if one cannot even attend a gay nightclub? Lunacy.

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Desmond’s mom claims that this woman never reached out to her bla bla bla . I recall people trying to reach out to her on IG when she had the AMA and she was deleting any comments pertaining to alig . She never gave one answer as to why she lets her kid near a murderer.

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This is so fucking sad, that poor kid. His dad’s body language just screams pedo, and his mom has a severe case of Munchausen’s by proxy. It’s so obvious he’s drugged up to the eyeballs in the Michael Alig video. It’s so upsetting to watch these grown adults ruin an innocent child’s life in real time and not be able to do anything about it. These people shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a kid.

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So well put. It's unnerving to watch abuse right in front of you like that.

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SPANISH SPEAKING PIZZAGATERS: This is Angel David Revilla, aka DrossRotzank. He's a YouTuber with over 16 Million subscribers who specializes in horror content and conspiracy theories.

He exposed his audience to things like #PizzaGate, and recently Hillary probably being not completely 'okay' (the bloodclot, seizures and shit) while sneakily suggesting that we might have dodged a bullet. It'd be nice if someone else who speaks Spanish contacted him about this.

I think we need to get this out to more people.

@kestrel9, this post was inspired by yours!

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Is James Alefantis a fan of Michael Alig, proud murderer & ''born chicken hawk''?


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I am shocked CPS didn't do anything. People in the public realm can trust their instincts when they see Desmond joking about doing Ketamine and is obviously high as hell. You're not imagining things and it is one hundred percent obvious that child is being abused just from what we can see from social media. There is obviously some sort of coverup due to this childs popularity there can be no other explanation. There is no one in this society or in a small town that cannot say their child would be removed from the household if things like that were happening. I just don't understand how some things can seem so upside down for them when things are so straightforward here for us in the "real" world. We get shaken down for pot or crack when we cross the yellow line but these bitches an dress a child in drag and "pretend" they are doing a horse tranquilizer - even one of our childs KNOWLEDGE (in that vein; non academic setting) about such a substance would warrant child abuse in any small town.

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I am shocked CPS didn't do anything.

Here's a list of pages and pages we have on this subverse about the CPS : here


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Oh come on guys we all know how deep the corruption goes my comment was more rhetorical and sarcastic I'm not that surprised lol but think it is good you take the opportunity to post links describing how bad they really are it's all good.

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Haha thanks, I was hoping we had something like this!

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Don't be shocked, @ASolo, there is a lot of shady business there. This is where ouo can find the work of Nancy Schaefer, who was mysteriously killed along with her husband in an alleged "murder-suicide" once she started digging around.

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