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Fiona produced multiple months' worth of cashed checks for $7,000 per month to the same company, CRS, from the movie production company. He takes donations directly into the charity, and syphons that out into the security consulting company. Then he pays the video production company to "make a documentary" that is "going to be on Netflix". We see no documentary on Netflix, but we see multiple months of checks for $7,000 per month from the production company to "CRS Security". The checks are stamped as having been cashed. Whether or not this is legal in Arizona, it is unquestionably unethical, deceptive, and self-serving.

Well, if Fiona had included images of these items with a high enough resolution to actually verify all these claims, it would be worth discussing. But in light of the fact that she did not, and also mischaracterized his nonprofit status, this just looks like more smoke and mirrors.

I happen to agree with you that Sawyer's claim the producer stole the footage sounds pretty sketchy. The only place I've heard that is from Barnett, though. As I said, I haven't followed ANY of these people closely. And the minute I start digging into any of this, I get attacked simply for asking for evidence and pointing out deceptive tactics. That tells me a lot.


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She did, on her Twitter. Maybe it's available on the Wayback Machine


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Conveniently, Fiona erased her Twitter.