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The FBI bust regular folks if they are traficking or distrubiting pedophile material, but they have their own opperations with the CIA, their job is to take investigations out of the police hands if the other spook agencies get exposed, and quash the investigation. That is the game. So it may or may not be a honeypot, they may just be protecting the systems crimes. Hard to tell. Their inaction can mean more than one thing.

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All one has to do to protect oneself from statutues and charges except when charge is placed under common law universal jurosdiction ..is to reduce debt at the treasury.. Statutues only apply to US debtors...ie the social security name...that we r surety to (do u stand under the charges ..the military court banker asks u )

When one reduces debt that is one advantwge ...the police cannot place charges on u based on those billions of statutes...since the US is made ur debtor .. Constitutor means someone who shifts debt onto the surety party to the natinoal debt..

Another advantage is u can directly operate the US miliatry corporatio. To conduct military tribunals under universal jurisdiction..all charges payable towards the debt reductionn of the US treasury

We r leaving neverland ..the law of the sea and its licenced pirate corporation and licenced pirates.. Tick tock tick tock


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Err....you realize that it is criminal gangs that do the dirty work for people higher up? Also, many gangs make money from forced prostitution, and even child pornography.

MS 13 even is satanic. Not a very good idea to get involved with them.

Re the FBI: It totally makes sense when as many people as possible report this stuff. Then they realize that it will look bad when they don't take sites down. (Not that it always works, but people should at least try.)

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Would you really say that the FBI is less corrupt than local law enforcement, overall? I always thought it was the other way around...

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It is.

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This is not the first I've heard of these sorts of things. I don't doubt it, but dear god this is so blatant it almost makes me wonder if its the Feds themselves with a honeypot or whatever they call it.

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Not after the PlayPen fiasco. The FBI kept a cporn site running for a week to catch people and most of those cases have been throw out (especially since the FBI refused to disclose what TOR browser vulnerability they exploited, so no one knows if it's even been patched or not).

Keeping an existing site running got them into trouble and creating sites could be argued as entrapment. It's unlikely any of these sites are run by the FBI.

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Of course. I'll start believing the FBI cares about laws the moment Hillary is behind bars. They care that they got caught and nothing more.

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Hard to believe the FBI didn't know they were destroying the cases of thousands of pedophiles they 'entrapped'?! /wont someone think of the poor pedo's? Their poor rights! They forgot to punctuate the MiRANDA?


WTF. They arrested them and violated their rights: Sorry, have to let them all go. now they have how many pedos under their thumb? Or they covered up for their clients?

It's a big control mechanism besides being a criminal mental illness/ perversion.

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the spirmbird.5 and spirmbird.8 accounts both share the same image of a totally naked and underage girl being held in the air. I really hope its not the feds because if it is, that's really disturbing. its disturbing all around but the feds using real naked pictures is even more disturbing

this whole fucking thing is disturbing. it took me no less then 5 minutes to find these accounts and I felt sick to my stomach.

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"I really hope its not the feds because if it is, that's really disturbing. its disturbing all around but the feds using real naked pictures is even more disturbing"...Proving once again, that this sub has done next to nothing to inform people about what is and is not reality. The FEDS have covered up every instance of the systems crimes for ages, especially satanic ritualistic abuse. The finders, Franklin cover up, white house "call boys" scandal, JFK assasination, Pizzagate, being involved in Oklahoma city bombing etc etc etc. The CIA makes the mess, the FBI cleans it up. Yet this sub, is confused when they run into suspicion that the FBI is behind nefarious activity. Why are any of you here then? Ever research pizzagate? Don't recall the FBI agent whose house in DC burned to the ground, and he and his wife a supposed murder suicide? Who is Arun Rao and why was he interested in Alefantis child pics on instagram? Research pizzagate and cases of Satanic ritualistic abuse, and tell me what the FBI's role wasin them. For you guys, every day is a first day of the investigation, you learn and retain nothing.

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Could potentially be a morph picture. No law against feds making fake cp to distribute and lure in pedos. Hopefully this is all a fed trap for sick fucks. Either way, you can report at www.ic3.gov and it will get looked at hopefully.

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25 years ago i ran into pedo porn and they actually sent it to my email. I got really pissed told my wife and then i called the wonderful FBI who guess what were not interested! The first thing he said was so? I said so? Don't you think underage kids forced to have sex is against the law? He then said what do you want me to do? I said oh i don't know i thought this sortof was against the law and you are the FBI YOU KNOW? Then he said file a complaint at this website he gave me and i ended the call with i just did file a complaint and hung up. Guess what happened next? I started receiving magazines of child porn with no return address on them every month for several months and it only stopped when i went to a postal carrier and asked the lady how can i stop this from coming to my house when it has no return address knowing all the time the FUCKING FBI sent it. Trump needs to shut these assholes down!

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I stumbled across some pictures of a little girl about 6 or 7 wearing lingerie in disturbingly provocative poses on imgoat about 6 months ago while looking for conspiracy theory shit. I submitted the url to the FBI, called plus emailed url to the center for missing & exploited children who suggested I should call my local police which of course I did. Nothing was done, minimal interest & no follow-up from anyone. No one gave a shit

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Dude if you're being for real I'm wonering if someone has a grudge against you.

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It is for real alright and i think your assumption is correct for i wrote a letter of support for a young kid accused of molesting a small boy he babysat for and i believed he was being set up and i told them he was a good kid who has been around my boys a lot and never was like that and he even went to Karate with my kids and over my house a lot. They railroaded this kid and did not appreciate my letter of support. It was shortly after that i started getting the emails. This poor kid could not afford a good layer and had to plead no contest. So he lived for many years branded a child molester. He is now free and a hard working good man. The FBI is not high on my list of good people.

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You have discovered JIDF

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What's that

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One of the main suspects of who flooded /b/ on 4 chan with CP years ago. Right before the Global Rule was established, and the free speech absolutist denounced CP as "not a communication".

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Use Google

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Hi there LGH. Thanks for posting your findings. I have a couple of questions. Your headline says you were investigating Voat accounts. Your submission says you were investigating suspicious Voat accounts you think are Reddit mods, which you connected to a pedophile ring on Instagram. These grave assertions are made in a very vague way, and you provide no links whatsoever to support them. My concern is this is a common smear technique that relies on innuendo and confirmation bias which we have seen deployed here thousands of times, which is why our #2 submission rule is:

2: Empiricism: EACH factual claim that is not common knowledge must be sourced with a link. If you ask a question: Explain what led to your question and provide sources. If you present opinion/argument, connect your dots and provide sources for them. Avoid baseless speculation. ALL posts must include at least one link.

You need to edit this thread to provide the support for these claims, or repost it with a headline and text that does not make unsupported assertions (since headlines cannot be edited after the first 10 minutes). I will give you the 24 Hour Grace flair so you can add the missing information. Otherwise, please self-delete and repost sans the unsupported claims. Thanks!

@EricKaliberhall @srayzie

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I deleted it for you. Censorship is cancer

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Thank you. No one wants to censor this. It just needs to fit within our submission rules. I can't arbitrarily leave up a post that ignores the submission rules. @Crensch will demod me for playing favorites.

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These grave assertions are made in a very vague way, and you provide no links whatsoever to support them.

Because it's not time to publish my findings yet. I'm not finished and if I were to publish everything now it would only hinder the rest of what I'm doing. It's like a detective trying to solve a murder case. They have to build up as much possible proof so the criminal can be punished without a reasonable doubt. Same concept applies for what I am doing.

This just happened to be some tangent discovery I made while conducting my main one. I simply mentioned that while I was researching into some Reddit mods who have accounts here, I stumbled upon this rabbit hole.

Feel free to remove the post at your will. This has nothing to do with my main research so removing this doesn't affect me whatsoever but does a disservice to the community here who should know about these obvious pedos I found. Whether you remove this or not, my main investigation will continue. I don't conduct pedo investigations anymore but other things. This was simply a side discovery I shared here. Do what you wish

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Because it's not time to publish my findings yet.

I understand completely. So, why even bring up the stuff that isn't ready for the public? Why not just make a post on the fact that Instagram is allowing a pedo ring to flourish? That is certainly relevant to pizzagate and worthy of a submission. We've had many like that about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

This has nothing to do with my main research so removing this doesn't affect me whatsoever but does a disservice to the community here who should know about these obvious pedos I found.

I agree completely. So why not make a post that we can leave up? Just cut the unsourced stuff out.

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Here's where you can report:

FBI Internet Criminal Complaint Center https://www.ic3.gov

Overseas https://virtualglobaltaskforce.com/report/

INTERPOL/INHOPE (select country and report) http://www.inhope.org/gns/report-here.aspx

See also: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2442996

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Nice work anon. Get these over to the chans

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Holy shit, was @aged actually useful for something? Even if it was just for exposing worthless pedos like him.

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