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Robert Boyle and corpuscular alchemy - 2006 article : http://chicago.universitypressscholarship.com/view/10.7208/chicago/9780226577036.001.0001/upso-9780226576961-chapter-9

Every survey of the scientific revolution highlights the importance of Boyle's mechanical philosophy, but the precise relationship of this doctrine to the immediate matter theory that it replaced has until now received uniformly short shrift. Few historians have appreciated the fact that the mechanical philosophy, as formulated by Robert Boyle, was itself the capstone to a preexisting tradition employing alchemy to recast scholastic theories of mixture, an attempt at reform whose roots extended well into the Middle Ages. Nor do we find a common awareness of the fact that Boyle's most significant experimental evidence for the persistence of microlevel corpuscles and for the mechanical character of the accidental qualities induced upon and removed from those corpuscles stemmed from the reduction to the pristine state originating in the alchemical tradition and made famous in the early seventeenth century by Daniel Sennert. The radical character of these claims justifies some comment from a methodological perspective. Despite the novelty of its results, the picture that this book paints of medieval and early modern matter theory employs traditional tools of textual scholarship and intellectual history to subvert the complacent story that has become canonical in the existing surveys of the scientific revolution.

corpuscular theory of light https://www.revolvy.com/page/Corpuscular-theory-of-light

In optics, the corpuscular theory of light, arguably set forward by Descartes (1637) states that light is made up of small discrete particles called "corpuscles" (little particles) which travel in a straight line with a finite velocity and possess impetus. This was based on an alternate description of atomism of the time period. This theory cannot explain refraction, diffraction, interference and polarization.

Isaac Newton was a pioneer of this theory, ..

Robert Boyle was a strong proponent of corpuscularianism and used the theory to exemplify the differences between a vacuum and a plenum, by which he aimed to further support his mechanical philosophy and overall atomist theory.[2] About a half-century after Gassendi, Isaac Newton used existing corpuscular theories to develop his particle theory of the physics of light.[3]


In the year 1666, Colbert invited the greatest scientists of the time to join the newly created “Académie des sciences”. One of the most eminent of them, , born in 1629 and grown up in the Netherlands, had studied the works of Descartes, Pascal, and Fermat, and already produced major results in mechanics, mathematics and astronomy. ..

Also in 1666, Newton bought his first prism. He went on to split light into different colours through the prism : http://www.thestargarden.co.uk/Newtons-theory-of-light.html


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Theory of colour https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_Colours

Theory of Colours (German: Zur Farbenlehre) is a book by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about the poet's views on the nature of colours and how these are perceived by humans. It was published in German in 1810 and in English in 1840.[2] The book contains detailed descriptions of phenomena such as coloured shadows, refraction, and chromatic aberration.

The work originated in Goethe's occupation with painting and mainly exerted an influence on the arts (Philipp Otto Runge, J. M. W. Turner, the Pre-Raphaelites, Wassily Kandinsky). The book is a successor to two short essays entitled "Contributions to Optics".


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Great info, thanks. Dont wanna speak for @asolo but it looks like Tavistock and the Royal Society seem to be behind Pizzagate.


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I missed your post from 5 months ago. This one: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2682847

It's now archived, so I'll put my comment about that post here. From your main article :

Richard Dawkins, for years the most prominent voice in global Atheism, pictured here with Miriam Rothschild. [at Oundle School Chapel]

"London private school may let boys wear skirts" article. Hampstead's children, Tavistock and the pedo agenda.

Adam Pettitt has been Head of Highgate School since 2006. He read French and German at New College, Oxford and began his teaching career at Eton College. He was subsequently Head of German at Oundle School and Head of Modern Languages at Abingdon School. In 1998 he was appointed as Second Master (Deputy Head) at Norwich School. Highgate School leads the Chrysalis Programme which has created partnerships with over 40 maintained schools in Haringey, Camden, Brent and Islington, providing a wide range of support.

And he has a number of interesting friends. Here he is with Simon Cowell and Sir Peter Green http://imgur.com/a/kDRqO


The Highgate school is known to draw primary school children from the neighbouring Hampstead area. This whole region of London is on the doorstep of Tavistock Institute and clinic. Indeed in this post on the Hampstead children I point out that previous residents of the property that Ricky Dearman, Ella and the children lived at include people who worked for Tavistock, one example being Professor Ilana Crome nee Glass > https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1711895

Oundle School Chapel https://www.oundleschool.org.uk/Chapel-Windows

I need to look further into this because the same company that did some of their stained glass windows did some work for Westminster Abbey and Ely Cathedral. We have a number of posts about Ely; here and here.

They also may be connected to a similar company of the same name that did windows for the Camp David chapel.

This particular post started with The Project Gutenberg EBook of Ely Cathedral as I was researching Ely Cathedral (and looking for secret societies associated with Benedictine monks..



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https://archive.is/P4QLY :

Ambrosia: the startup harvesting the blood of the young | Society | The Guardian

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Nice roundup of past research, LDT. We need more such.

I think one of the reasons we see so much crazy, unsourced shit pushed about "adrenochrome" is because those paid to muddy the waters here are trying to build a "foil" for parabiosis -- which actually has scientific support, and poses a MUCH more logical and tempting reason to genotype and "harvest" children (as young as possible, no less). The tactic is called a "flooding fake". They're also trying to normalize the idea with stuff like "vampire facials".

Don't forget we connected the Maccoby's and Friends of the Orphans to Tavistock via Eric Fromm here.


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This post is so full of information that the censors will need to delete this with rules, regulation and Pedo-centric red tape.

Just needed to post my views so the Fascist censors have second thoughts. :-)


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Burroughs Wellcome and Tavistock are linked. Burroughs Wellcome out of UK has had a HQ in Raleigh NC at the research triangle. Near by are two very large state mental hospitals and two very large prisons. ..(one mental hospital closed down) BUT Comet Ping Pong has had two doors with Well on one and Come on the other ....Ft Bragg close by has been mentioned for MKUltra programming as well as Duke University.Burroughs Wellcome has merged with Glaxco Smith Kline."investigation into financials shows that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers are major funders of Wellcome and have worked as researchers for them. An international art therapy program operating out of Baltimore and Switzerland links Tony Podesta to the former and Alefantis to the latter.

Links show Jimmy Savile was also involved in this program at the hospital where he abused hundreds, and that Kim Noble was one of its victims."https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/7ww58g/evidence_links_tony_podesta_james_alefantis_jimmy/"