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thanks for the info, but OP's name isn't listed in the voat spamming ring link you provided. how do you know he is connected?

edit: just now seeing the comments in this thread


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This was one of my first posts calling the spam group out today so I linked the old spam bot list and I forgot to edit the comment with the current updated list which is stickied on /v/ProtectVoat.

This is the currently updated list which includes the OP of this post.

OP's name, /u/JohnDavidPodesta follows the same naming schemes of many of the other bots as well as in many of the posts that this /u/JohnDavidPodesta (and other bots on the list) have created all have many of the bots on the list posting comments which has been a tell tale sign of how they work since the last big attack 10 months ago.

A good example of what I mean is this post. You have the OP made by StephenPaddock (One of the worst offenders 10 months ago in the first spam attack) and in this post there are the following chatbots/spammers:




All making either supportive comments or posting gibberish/nonsense. Every one of them was a part of the last big spam attack during the Vegas shooting news cycle.

Another post is this one where the /u/CompletelySatanic bot chimes. The OP of that post is also a well known bot from the last attack.

Another example here with the bot /u/ExpertWarLord commenting in the bot /u/ChristopherPaddock post.