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Trump is winning! Exposing the pedophiles and pedivores. Cerberus Capital is Soros linked. Misleading facts above. Btw I agree with Other things you wrote - DynCorp needs to come down. So does the CIA controlled media. So does much of Hollywood and the music industry that has hypertrashed our youth, and so do a lot of politicians. Not all Democrats but most of them yes.


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Trump is winning!

No shit Sherlock he is building a family Dynasty on par with the Bush family and the Clinton family. You are a fucking shill.


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"Cerberus Capital is Soros linked." Can you back that up? It is also ROTHSCHILD linked... "Cerberus Capital-backed Austrian bank BAWAG has reportedly hired Rothschild to advise on a potential IPO which could see it valued at up to €5bn."

It appears that the Nathan Roth. branch is having a family feud... "GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Snub for 80-year-old Lord Rothschild ahead of his only son's wedding as the family is torn apart by feud " "Jacob Rothschild son - Nat Rothschild, also (briefly) dated Ivanka Trump."

The Evelyn de Roth. branch were huge Hillary supporters: "The former Jersey girl wants a fairer world and a certain friend in the White House. Sometime during the months after Hillary Clinton had stepped down as secretary of state and before she announced to the country that she would mount another run for president, Lynn Forester de Rothschild said this to her longtime friend: “I just want you to know I pray every night that I die before my children and after you are president.”'


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Rothchilds and de Rothchilds are about as uneasy as Soros these days. Or so I read.