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Something very odd is going on:

EXCLUSIVE: Children from the southern border are being brought to NYC after being separated from their families. Overnight, @joshrobin captured video of unusual activity at a foster agency in East Harlem. #MorningsOn1

They are all girls.

The number for Cayuga is 6. Children filmed at 12:45am. wtf

This is a story from flight attendant about her encounter with 16 immigrant children who were being separated from their parents at the border on a flight from Arizona to Miami. #WhereAreTheChildren

Tweeted by Cathleen Burke:

Followed by my hero, Barack Obama. Married mom of 2 adult sons & a Corgi. Liberal to the core. Advocate for the mentally ill. #FBR


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I am not buying into this. I watch the news like a hawk. Big six has been pushing this hard prior. There is no proof offered other than suspicious women parading latino girls at night. It reeks of them accusing Trump of what they are doing. No face shots. It is like a group of pedo's got together and came up with a stupid media plan to divide actual research. There will be more on, and of this, I am sure.


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I'm trying to look into the Cayuga Foster care centers but because of the new European regulations cannot access some American websites at the moment. Here is a link about Cayuga, please could you have a look and see if there is anything relevant?


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One of the trustees at Cayuga : Richard Barbieri, CFE, Senior Manager of Risk Operations, Etsy

Prior to my time at Etsy, I worked at the Manhattan District Attorney’s (DA) office. I started as a typical paralegal working on all kinds of cases. Fraud cases often stuck with me because as much as people — particularly the perpetrators — regard them as “victimless crimes,” when you actually interact with the people who are the targets of these crimes, you see just how incredibly wrong that phrase is.