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This is very interesting and I would like to pursue it further as I've made a number of posts about Cerberus and Dyncorp in the past. Could you please provide some source link to validate the claim that Cerberus Capital is overseeing this operation? Thanks.

So far I've found this article from 2007:

EDIT: Here are some links corroborating the Dyncorp connection.. @ShartistryInMotion

Philip May and family profit from Trump’s caging of children in detention centers

Capital Group, the company of UK PM’s husband Philip May, profited from Donald Trump’s caging of children in immigration detention centers. The centers are run by General Dynamics, which is partly owned by May’s investment firm.

General Dynamics has been assisting the US Office of Refugee Resettlement in processing immigrant-children cases during President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. As many as 2,000 children are reported to have been separated from their parents in just six weeks under the controversial policy. A distressing audio clip of children sobbing went viral on social media.

Dyncorp and the Child Mind Institute..yup, that's right...

Von Thaer joins [Dyncorp International] after serving as president of the National Security Sector at Leidos where he was responsible for leading the company’s efforts in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), cyber, logistics, and systems solutions. Before joining Leidos in 2013, he worked in several leadership positions with General Dynamics including corporate vice president and president of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.

US defense contractors profit from child detention—and you might, too


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Cerberus Capital is Soros connected. This writer is trying to confuse IMHO