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If Tuscon was a psyop, then it backfired horribly.

The digging we and 8chan got was incredible. More people got red pilled about pizzagate, etc.


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Certainly was. The digging really points a positive light to keep a watchful eye on this. I agree to stay vigilant as well.


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I can't read the chans. THey give me a headache. If you see something relevant. Add to the OP. Thanks.

I highly respect your opinion @darkknight111, I'd love to hear your take on what went wrong. I believe Tuscon was a CPP on a larger/different scale.

Local knowledge + credibility = intelligence.


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My theory as to what went wrong in the attempt to psyop pizzagate:

The cabal is arrogant on a whole new level. Since they think we're all stupid sheep fit only to be exploited/culled as they see fit, they severely underestimated the chan's investigative/digging abilities.

The digs that correlated that land to Cemex, all the areas owned by Cemex (close to a lot of likely methods of trafficking) combined with all the Cemex ties (that implicate the cabal) have exposed much more of their "pizza ops" than they hoped.

They can't silence the chans either due to the anonymous nature of the chans and due to the toxic can of worms that would be opened if they went for a direct attack. Going after the chans directly (would be seen as an act of internet censorship) would draw the wrath (and unity) of certain cyber vigilantee groups that they know are VERY dangerous to piss off.

Plus, spooks and the left...can't....meme. Memes are very effective weapons in dispersing information, and those are things truthers have been much better at utilizing.

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Up vote for most sane analysis of the day.


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Thanx for the update blacksmith. Here are some more details we can attempt to parse into facts. As keyboard warriors, not having our boots on the ground, it is incredibly difficult for us to understand what the truth really is.

This first video is from a guy that has his boots on the ground at the location. My initial gut feeling is that this guy seems logical, attempting to be accurate, and attempting to interpret what he sees in a rational manner. Of course I don't know that for a fact because i'm not there. He seems fairly neutral about the situation. He is not dissing anybody, just trying to report what he sees.

Make your own decisions.



This second video is Nathan from youtube channel Lift The Veil. Nathan is not a fan of Lewis, the leader of VOP, and neither am I. Lewis helps people, but he is sort of nuts.

I like Nathan. Nathan's motto is "usually right, but always honest." I have found that to be true about Nathan. He tries to be accurate to the best of his ability.

If you want to get to the meat of the matter go to 1:34 in video.

Latest news at 1:34 in this video. Take what you need, make your own decisions.




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I have been following this situation since it started - it is unclear to me whether Meyer is a plant or just extremely inept and somewhat imbalanced. There is evidence to support both ideas. Craig Sawyer showed some skepticism even in the beginning and seemed open to the idea that the camp could just be a very strange homeless camp. His sudden retraction of support for VOP and declaration that the discovery of the site was a hoax came off as looking scripted and forced. Alex Jones' retraction regarding the matter is also significant, as he very rarely makes retractions - the only other one I can think of is with CPP and JA.

What I would like to bring attention to is this: in one of Meyer's recent videos showing his team patrolling through the desert south of Tuscon, he comes across what looks like, and which he declares to be, a migrant camp used by coyotes to smuggle immigrants northwards from Mexico. However, Meyer rummages through a nearby shack, and finds some children's books, and a flyer from Marana Elementary School, which is north of Tuscon. This seems very incongruous - why and how would a document from a children's school north of Tuscon be in the desert many miles to the south, especially at a site used by people supposedly traveling north, who probably don't even know English? One possible explanation could be that it came from some nearby abandoned mobile homes, which had apparently been ransacked, but this doesn't entirely make sense either.

EDIT: After more consideration and observation of events near Tucson, I believe Meyer is sincere.


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Meyer is the ringer. But read back on Edgar Maddison Welch's background. By "social media accounts", he was a gun-toting, cigarette smoking redneck at first pass. By the time we got to his grandfather, some anon posted his arrest record - 17 years (approx) in the pen for hard pedo crap. He also founded a film production company (in the 50s) called Forever Young Productions, which was an active corporation as best as I could tell, as recent as 2016.

I'm pretty confident that Meyer will come from a similar background once the veneer is scraped away. Albeit a much thicker veneer. They learn from every false flag and improve the production value. Sandy Hook, FTL Airport, and CPP were sloppy. Parkland was much, much better. The TX church shooter was pretty good too. What they've done is build a tolerance of mass killings in the general public. The DS can go whack 10 people for a "cause" without any significant backlash at this point.

LV is something far more complicated, I believe. It took some serious $$$ to pull that off. Whatever the real story is.


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I tried hard digging into LV, but I just get so frustrated. Very difficult to piece together imo. As always, loved reading your take on this matter @Blacksmith21


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Dude. IF a Navy SEAL got duped by a homeless dude in the desert making up stories, no one should be listening to him anyway. Don't defend him and discredit yourself.


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If it was a CPP redux, they would have had the ability to backstop the story enough to be credible.


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"Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/06/former-navy-seal-warns-veteran-advocacy-group-is-falsifying-evidence-about-alleged-child-sex-trafficking-camp/"

Not a legitimate source. Sawyer kept altering his story even before he did his 180, his calls are recorded, he lied. Fact he said 3rd party scrubbed his first video, did not report all he saw. Lied about police investigation, no detectives, no forensics done confirmed. Sawyer did two trips to the bunker underground holding tank that was concealed buried and hidden.

"It looks like my theory is starting to stand on it's own now: Tuscon appears to be a recreation of the Comet Ping Pong false flag with Meyer playing the role of Edgar M. Welch. The added bonus was going to be draw Sawyer into this mess, hopefully discrediting him. Most likely, this was a real trafficking site. Was this "event" cover to destroy the site? Or was the entire event staged in order to draw in Sawyer? In either case, V4CR is not involved in Tuscon even in any way that I can tell."

Lies, Sawyer is discredited he inserted himself into and lied, Welch lol a crisis actor in a hoax to smear pizzagaters, exactly what "CS" the non expert and fraud did to the hundreds invovled in VOP. V4CR is a criminal NGO fake org that has rescued NO CHILDREN, VOP has saved 38 children and hundreds of homeless, 10k plus helped homeless in Arizona.

"Meyer (most likely) has a criminal background: http://i.magaimg.net/img/3gg9.jpgJPG"

Dsicredited and irrelevant Half the 80% of the country has a criminal background, if you smoked pot you are criminal, ever stole something a candy bar...btw most of that in the US not HIM lol. He is a reformed former over a decade ago drug addict? How we do know years ago Meyer in his church testimony and his public speaking spoke of it,.

"Meyer was arrested as recent as last year: http://www.kvoa.com/story/36120490/veterans-advocate-arrested-at-hospital"

Charges dropped as in all cases for protesting and civil disobedience, In other words a false arrest that is happened twice, gov admitted they were in the wrong, Meyer in the right

"Sawyer was contacted by Meyer to come help"

No evidence of that plus Sawyer said that until he invented his "new" story. He said a third party contacted intially aka NOT VOP he inreality inserted himself. MigratoryPatterns pointed that out.

"Sawyer recognized something was wrong and backed off"

No he did not. he contacted the FBI and made 2 interviews saying him and his experts were convinced it was child sex trafficking site and admitted their was no investigation on road officers coming not to the site but a fucking gas station, his own words.

"Chelsea Clinton tweeted about "Pizzagate 2.0": https://twitter.com/ChelseaClinton/status/1004452132140003329 [which makes absolutely no sense - why would she even hear/know about Tuscon?]"

Thats after one week of people exposing her families conenctions to Cemex who ahs a long corrupt record of shady shit been condemned internationally for their crimes in Palestine. "Chelsea" claiming that inf act supports the VERACITY of the story. Proving they are scared and trying to kill it with "smears". BTW pizzagate was real and is real so what are you saying its not? Get lost shills.

"From the article:

"The founder of the homeless advocacy group, Veterans on Patrol, who uncovered an alleged sex trafficking camp in Tucson, Arizona last week is misleading the public about evidence he claims to have found on the encampment, a former Navy SEAL who investigated the scene warns."

Loaded false article Sawyer lies and the article is way imbalanced, First Sawyer didn't investigate he did a photo op and hid most of the evidence he was shown which was clear and evident a rape trafficking camp, Sawyer lied like a dog AFTER his 180.

"As the Gateway Pundit reported, Veterans on Patrol founder, Michael “Lewis Arthur” Meyer, stumbled upon a camp last Tuesday where he found trees with wrist restraints, children’s clothing, pornographic material, dozens of boxes of brunette hair dye, sex lubrication, a baby crib, a stroller, an outdoor bathroom, children’s dolls and a 5 feet tall underground septic tank that Meyers has described “as being impossible for a child to escape from.”

It is impossible its deep and now buried not checked for fingerprints and dna the idiot did a 180. Gateway Pundit low IQ Meyer wasn't alone why do they make it all about him and ignore the dozens of VOP? Many of whom are former veteran, and locals who testified to the scene and homeless man as verified in the early videos who provided the intelligence? Because you are idiotic shills and denialists doing no real investigation.

"But Meyer, who has a history of inserting himself in the center of controversy, sparked national outrage with claims that he found the corpse of a child near the camp and a child’s skull."

No he never did. In fact I watched the video of the skull found it was a child's skull, IT WASN'T FOUND BY HIM BUT ANOTHER TEAM OF SEARCHERS....it was late decomp stage. Hell 30 minutes of the video is him driving to the site. Thanks for proving you don't know what you are talking about. BTW Meyer has never made himself the center of anything....that is a lie, one tiny news story that is distorted to hell and some peaceful protesting and dropped false charges.

I cut the rest of your garbage "theory" why don't you go get some facts.

No Standoff, Gov not shutting them down, local support out the ass, you clearly have been proven wrong.


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The Gateway Pundit is about the most reliable of media outlets there is.


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BTW VOP is more than jsut meyer a lot more plus the local orgs they are tied into....unlike you they have facts not spergy disinfo

Sawyer also is a proven liar and thoroughly discredited, Child skull clearly found. Sex Trafficking Camp 2 days before and the reason the operation began because of a lack of real investigation proven to be so. MLAM discredits your lies here....



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https://archive.fo/HDia4 :

Chelsea Clinton on Twitter: "Of course there’s a #Pizzagate 2.0. Of course there is. If you have been a victim of trafficking or have suspicions of actual trafficking, please reach out to the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888.… t.co/H2LJn8vBpY"

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