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Guess after her show got canceled she decided she didn't have much to lose. She probably has plenty of money from her career and can weather the storm. Takes guts to do what she is doing. Probably gonna be a massive Twitter account banning coming soon for some people.


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Nothing like a woman scorned, eh? I think you're exactly right-- she's got nothing left to lose. She's basically blacklisted now.


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Yes, she's got something to lose. Remember Joan Rivers? Let's hope Roseanne got good security people because she's offended the movers and shakers of this country who try to control public opinion.

Roseanne will catch more flak than Kathy Griffin got for that disgusting picture of our President. And Kathy apparently didn't lose too much money over it: "But despite the scandal, Griffin found work overseas. The magazine noted she launched the “Laugh Your Head Off” comedy tour in October 2017. She said the show was a big success. "

Maybe Roseanne can use the same excuse Griffin gave: "She told The Hollywood Reporter the images weren’t that serious. “When you’re in between gigs and trying to stay on the map, you have to think of ways to stay in the spotlight," explained Griffin."


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The real reason behind smearing Roseanne Barr:

She knew too much and had to be taken down..

When someone is droned they have been taken over by a Vrill parasite:

Endless key people with black eyes:

A black eye or similar is the sign of the Vrill Eye.. when the parasite takes over the host through the eye socket. It takes time to heal afterwards. - celebrities do the one eyed symbol to show they are controlled.

The Vrill live underground and have a proboscis in the middle of their head (A elongated appendage from the head of an animal - It wiggles out and leaves the body behind and finds a host to parasite. This proboscis squirms in under the eye of it's host and wraps around the optic nerve. It then controls that body. They like to eat human flesh and such. They rather enjoy eating people alive because the fear releases a chemical which gets them high. The Queen of England has been documented to have frozen human body parts in her fridges. All this information has been leaked by various individuals involved in the realms of the hidden hand. The secret societies like to ritually "drone" people with this parasite and have done for a very long time.


[–] Dismal_Swamp 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

We need to sneak into the inner earth and steal the Vril Energy and then use it to blow up the Reptilian Moon base satellite that orbits our planet. Then we can escape this prison planet with Elon Musk’s space ships.


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Yet another "manyWeAre..." shill type account motherfucker, -20CCP 8 hour account. Oh Vey