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DC, the City in London, and Vatican city @bb22. All three also have obelisks. For the Vatican

Maybe the elite are phallus worshippers.


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The symbolism goes back to ancient religions that have intentionally been obfuscated for reasons that are fairly obvious considering that there are powerful people still into that shit. I know the symbolism has significance but if I pretended to understand it, I would have to figure out which esoteric texts are bullshit (most of them, I'm sure, especially the "New Age" Wiccan pop nonsense) and which ones, if any, are still available publicly that are legit.

Sometimes you get lucky and they show their hand, like when they shat their pants at Wilhelm Reich and the FDA unconstitutionally ordered all of his books seized and burned, then sent him to prison where he died under suspicious circumstances. So Reich was probably onto something. But I've yet to make out wtf is going on with these Satanic bastards and their evil cults. Probably some David-Icke-level inter-dimensional bullshit. I wouldn't be surprised.