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What do think about his bro's claims, or if you're into LTV, George's alter (he's not, though acton is really good at drastically changing his look), that this is all about manipulating the stock market? He could have just been trying to muddy the waters, or even provide controlled opposition, but he was hinting about trish and goodman's portfolio and that this could be a scheme to manipulate the market through hysteria or a terrorism scare, the Charleston thing, according to Dave Acton and his healing waters of mt shasta, being some sort of test


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I haven't followed his brother for a while. There may be some truth to the claims about the stock market, given the push on the web for cryptocurrencies. But I think things go much deeper and broader than that.

Edit: with the resources and manpower being put into all of this, these people are looking for a number of different outcomes on a number of different levels. It's how the military works and operates, anyway.


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Just thought I woul let you know George had his hearing over his phone calls with Port Authority of Charleston warning where he was subsequently arrested fro bogus charge. The Charleston Port had located the containers belonging to the Awans on the Maersk as he had stated and they were removed due to radiation.

They were forced to admit he was right about everything including the diplomatic passport immunity shipping loophole which is shipping illegal black arms into the country...I.e. Awan brothers. His work was a huge reason Imran Awan was arrested. He is working with NYPD, FBZ field agents an insider intelligence agents. The judge listens to his case and found out the FBI had pinged him unlawfully, then omitted their involvement at all. The judge and the Prosecutor was disgusted by the FBI behavior stating violation of constitutional rights and dropped the case immediately.


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Dave's a trip. Him and his resume, which is all over the place, is why I started to pay attention to Webb in the first place. It's hard not to think, considering he's for sure more than just a tech security admin guy for IC and the military (the guy's worked for stricom, the nsa, claims to have worked for cia, and he changes his look drastically from time to time), that acton is a part of this "school play" as well, sort of the the Jachin to Webb's Boaz. Anyway, yeah, I agree that's something broader is going down. With all the plays and the players that've taken over the internet, beyond just the webb show, sure seems like something more than market manipulation is about to go down.