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Zampolli, UN, Freemasons, Nazi & Mafia Ambassadors

Paolo Zampolli has a Dominican diplomatic passport and is officially the Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Dominica for Oceans and Seas- an absolute joke. According to the UN’s Blue Book, Zampolli is Dominica’s (lone) Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN.[30] There is great concern that Zampolli is using his stable of MK ULTRA Sex Kittens at the UN to compromise and bribe foreign heads of state, officials, diplomats and ambassadors.

Paolo Zampolli is using the island nation of the Dominican Republic as a front in the old Masonic Agnelli Family business of running a secret international network of Luciferians, Mafia, SS, Nazis, Fascists, Mercenaries, Criminals, Prostitution and Pedophile rings for the Knights of Malta, CIA, and a Demonic New World Order.

In 2004, ID Models boss Zampolli was exposed as a former business associate/partner of the infamous convicted Pedophile Island financier, Jeffrey Epstein. In 2004, Zampolli and Epstein unsuccessfully tried to buy Elite Model Management at auction.

People like Zampolli aren’t in the business of making poor Central European bloc young ladies legitimate models or superstars. He is an old world criminal Luciferian/Masonic pimp– a white slave trafficker. Zampolli manufacture “Executive Whores” for the elite, wealthy, famous, powerful politicians fascists, bureaucrats, master criminals, and world leaders.

Zampolli runs an illegitimate international escort racket with stables of mind controlled East European Sex Slaves. He passed down a “sex kitten” charter from the Old World Ruling Houses of Europe, Knights Templar, and Freemasonry to Donald Drumpf, Jeffrey Epstein and the Mossad [Ehud Barak].


"In 2004, ID Models boss Zampolli was exposed as a former business associate/partner of the infamous convicted Pedophile Island financier, Jeffrey Epstein. In 2004, Zampolli and Epstein unsuccessfully tried to buy Elite Model Management at auction."

From an early age, Ivanka has worked as 'a model'.

At the age of 13, Ivanka signed on with the new look department of Elite Model Management - under the tutelage of John Casablancas.

Trump's friend John Casablancas "was a skilled groomer..."

"The playboys - in particular John Casablancas - were used to living by a different set of rules...

"None of these men were shy about their behavior, and the fact that they were bedding models as young as 12 on a routine basis was well known..."

The Untold Story of Trump Model Management.



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ROBERT MAXWELL, ANDREW, SPOOKS, MAFIAS, NAKED GIRLS http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2015/01/rob...afias.html

Robert Maxwell "had free access" to the Bush-Reagan White House.

British Publisher Robert Maxwell Was A Mossad Spy.

And so, It was Ghislaine, Roberts daughter who, in 1998, recruited the 15-year-old Virginia Roberts to work as Epstein’s ‘masseuse’, from Donald Trumps Mar-A-Lago hotel and resort

Meeting Epstein for the first time at his Palm Beach mansion, Virginia was led into the massage room by Ghislaine. After a bizarre interview conducted by a naked Epstein, Ghislaine told Virginia to follow her instructions.

‘She had me put oil on my hand, then she grabbed one of his feet and started to massage it. She told me to take his other foot,’ says Virginia. ‘Then she told me to take off my clothes. He had sex with me. ‘Ghislaine said, “She’s got a knack for it.” And I thought, “These are important people. I must be doing something right.” ’classic grooming technique of a pedophile).

Ghislaine had fled to New York after the death of her father, who fell off his yacht – named the Lady Ghislaine after his favourite child – in mysterious circumstances in 1991.

According to Virginia, Ghislaine helped smooth the way for Epstein to sexually molest the young girls recruited to ‘massage’ him.

Virginia says: ‘I once asked Ghislaine why she got as many girls as she did for Jeffrey, as she supposedly had been his girlfriend and they seemed to have a grounded but non-monogamous relationship.She replied, “It takes the pressure off me to have sex with him.” (hmmmm, whoa, says alot about Epstein's prowess).

Ghislaine also held ‘auditions’ for masseurs to work for Epstein on his private Caribbean island, Little Saint James.

According to Virginia, Ghislaine was the undisputed leader of the girls in Epstein’s entourage. ‘She was funny. She was boisterous.

'I was scared of ever saying no to her. I was always compliant. I knew if I said no to anything, I would be on the street,’ she says. She adds: ‘Ghislaine was a photographer and she took many of the nude pictures that were all over the houses, including the ones of me in a hammock that Bill Clinton and Andrew and all their visitors had to have seen.

‘One year, I couldn’t think what to give Jeffrey for his birthday and Ghislaine said: “Just give him a photograph of you.” I had a nice picture of myself, lying against a tree, fully clothed, but when 'I showed it to her, she said, “No, you can’t give him that.” She took me and laid me naked across a hammock and put a sheer piece of net across me and posed me with my legs open, a bit provocatively, and that was the picture she had me give Jeffrey.’

Another girl Ghislaine targeted for Epstein was Nadia Bjorlin, an actress who stars in the American soap opera Days Of Our Lives.

Now 30, she was just 13 when she attracted the tycoon’s attention. Her mother, Iranian-born Fary, spoke last week of the family’s disturbing experience. Nadia’s father, celebrated classical conductor Ulf Bjorlin had died just a year earlier. (Another classic abuser profile taking advantage of the vulnerable).

‘My daughter was a singer. She was a baby. She was a skinny little girl, not mature for her age. She was 13, but everyone thought she was nine or ten.(Whoa Ghisllaine, Jeffrey....)

Another haranguing abuse story:

Johanna Sjoberg, a church-going brunette, who was hired ostensibly as an occasional home help but then induced to perform demeaning sexual services, told of a bizarre incident with a doll.

Johanna met Prince Andrew in the library of Epstein’s New York townhouse in Easter 2001, when Virginia was also present.

‘Andrew was sitting there in a big leather armchair behind which there was a desk covered with photos of girls and young women including the one of me in a hammock,’ says Virginia.

‘I don’t think Andrew could have missed seeing it when he walked in.’

The Prince had been given a Spitting Image puppet of himself by Ghislaine, who was also present. Johanna was sitting on Andrew’s knee, and said Ghislaine made Virginia sit on his other knee.

Then, Johanna recalls, Ghislaine ‘put the puppet’s hand on Virginia’s breast, then Andrew put his hand on my breast’.

Virginia says she was mortified when she realised she had been summoned that day to entertain the Prince.


Reminiscent of some type of Mk mind f*#k game.



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Why The Donald Will NEVER Discuss the Jeffery Epstein/Clinton Connection

And like every good “Sunday Night Smackdown” worth televising, there has to be a bit of pre-production in making sure the performance goes off without a hitch; like a right hook from Hulk Hogan, the effect of the punch must be believable. Occasionally, that means pulling your blows a bit less than usual to sell the performance, but to genuinely damage your opponent is frowned upon by the performers as well as their bosses.

The Vince McMahon of this analogy is none other than the Deep State, carefully managing what controversy is fit for public consumption and what remains unaired. In this author’s recent article, The Donald and the Deep State, Trump’s friendly (and in some cases, business) relationships with documented players in the Intelligence-run drug and arms trade is demonstrative of this dark hand of Deep Politics at work.

It’s why The Donald can never broach the topic of Mena, AK in polite company or the Clinton’s integral role in shipping wholesale amounts of cocaine into this country during Bill’s time as Governor of the State. Such a conversation would be equally uncomfortable for both parties involved.

For those hoping the revitalization of the “Bill Clinton Rape” meme and the 42nd President’s documented debauchery will culminate in revelations of high-level political pedophilia, a-la Jimmy Saville, can The Donald deliver a knock-out blow? Or is the Clinton/Epstein Connection, like The Mena Connection before it, a blacklisted news item?

Of course, Bill’s credible relations with elite pedophile and general cretin Jeffery Epstein are a matter of record, a relationship that the American people deserve to know more about. As the New York Post recently reported on James Patterson’s new book entitled, Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire, the Sex Scandal that Undid Him, and All the Justice Money Can Buy, Clinton was far more than a casual acquaintance of Epstein

Surely the Trump campaign is planning to take advantage of this bombshell information! The President of the United States jet-setting around the world with a convicted sex offender on a plane nicknamed after a book and film about pedophilia are undoubtedly too damning to leave untouched.

Yet the very next paragraph of the Post story in question reveals why Epstein is destined to remain an untouchable figure in this (s)election cycle:

“Epstein was also a regular visitor to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, and the two were friends. According to the Daily Mail, Trump was a frequent dinner guest at Epstein’s home, which was often full of barely dressed models. In 2003, New York magazine reported that Trump also attended a dinner party at Epstein’s honoring Bill Clinton.”


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach is quite the happening place; not only is it alleged that the Saudi arms dealer implicated in Iran-Contra, Adnan Khashoggi, used the Trump property as a hideout while on the run from INTERPOL for looting a bank in Thailand, it’s now revealed to have been a popular hang-out for Epstein as well. Keeping the company of rapists and war criminals, in some cases the same criminals your political opponent rubs elbows with, is hardly a topic Trump wants introduced into the public consciousness.

Just as the Deep State would like it.

more... http://statelesshomesteading.com/why-the...onnection/


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Sky Roberts, father of Virginia Roberts, who has demanded Prince Andrew face court is his daughter's claims were true

Last night, the father of alleged victim, Sky Roberts, 58, demanded the royal face court if his daughter's claims were true.

He told the Sun on Sunday: 'I don't care if he is prince or pauper. If what Virginia said is true he has to pay the consequences.

'If the Prince had sex with my daughter when she was underage, he has to be prosecuted.'

Speaking at his ranch in Summerfield, Florida, he added: 'I thought all of this was in the past. I feel sick now to think of these men and her.'

His daughter said: 'There will be a time when we explain stuff, just not this time.'

Elsewhere, Epstein's former butler Juan Alessi - who worked at his Florida mansion for 11 years - said in 2011 the Prince spent weeks there.

He claims Prince Andrew was a guest at pool parties full of naked women and also enjoyed daily $100-an-hour massages. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-...z3Nz3futQj


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"In a 2003 interview with Howard Stern, Trump spoke of how beautiful he thought Paris Hilton was when he first saw her.

"She was 12 years old."

"Trump then went on to say how he was friends with her family... he and his then-girlfriend Melania watched the sex tape of Paris Hilton.

"She was barely an adult when the video was made and said that it was released without her permission.

"In his own book, Trump said of his many sexual affairs, "If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller."

More here: KING: Donald Trump is a pervert