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Yeah and there are some Jews that have worked against it.


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Talk about the 1500s all day long. This goes back MILLENIA.

The Jews have had THOUSANDS OF YEARS to extricate themselves from the evildoers. Yet they have NOT. (Your video highlights only a few individuals.)

It is a FACT that "rank and file Jews" have given CHILD MURDERERS COVER for millennia during and after their RELIGIOUS JEWISH RITUAL MURDER CEREMONIES. I have YET to find a SINGLE recent (last several hundred years) documented case of JRM that didn't involve some "local Jewish townsfolk" [neighbors, etc.] giving the MURDERER(S) shelter or enabling him/them in some way.


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Fair enough. I'm not thrilled about the situation. I can think of many Jewish friends over the years that gloated over the demise of Christians. Things I ignored or pushed to the side . There are some that are very good people. A lot just aren't though and I'm not sure it's worth the overall risk anymore. Same with niggers.

Im not sure what thr solution is. I think whites need to dominate again and start exercising economic power more firmly than before. Boycott businesses.