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Your obsession VZ.


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I just skimmed the top posts here, and as usual, they have nothing to do with pizzagate. At the same time, I have been suffering through months and months of "GEORGE WEBB SAID..." posts that would appear in the top lost daily. I complained about his absence of sources, have asked for people to take his posts and claims to a separate sub, and was told no, that if people vote them up, they stay, that's how it works.

Webb posts would get a hundred likes, though they said nothing and led us nowhere.

Now, this week, he is being outed as possibly not only full of shit, but dangerous to our community, to the innocent investigators who gave personal info to Webb unwittingly. But I should just shut up?

Yeah, I'm obsessed that this could be happening to the people around me Ive grown to know and love. Webb is dangerous and I cannot believe there aren't more folks here yelling this from the rooftops.

But I'm supposed to succumb instead to what Voat considers important: a 7 year old drag queen in Canada? How does that relate to what this sub was meant for - an investigation into the Podesta leaks and child trafficking?

Webb relates to it because he is part of an operation trying to keep dirt off of Hillary and the rest of the Dems, redirecting our attention and just plain lying, convincing lonely housewives and less bright investigators that the Awan brothers are at the heart of all the problems, and that a little organ harvesting is cool, as is Kissinger.


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Keep up the good work, VZ.


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I'm with you, he should be is own thread. But energy goes where attention goes, whether it be negatively oriented or positive, so the efforts to take him down, vis-a-vis Defango talking about credibility (hahahaha), calling his followers lonely housewives (housewives are all over voat too, mothers have a thing against child abuse, and are a force to be reckon if they suspect an individual or group is involved in child abuse; they can be quite intelligent too), or what he thinks should be done in relation to prosecution and resolution (he's not LEO, a pol, nor works for any courts so what does his opinion matter here? Also, as far as Hill dirt goes, not sure I can see how is narrative is keeping her clean, unless you're talking about his cheeky negotiations, which, again, are hilarious since he is in no position of negotiating anything). Thing is, I aint telling you to shut up. Do what you think is right and productive. Just saying your campaign may have the opposite effect.