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He is my president, but the dude is a Freemason. He doesn't have our interest in mind. The elites aren't freaking out? The Jewish superbanks paid for his campaign.

He hasn't been initiated into no Secret Society.

Oh rly? Do you really believe that?

Your double negative is appropriate here.


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He is not Freemason. Are you kidding? I said the elites ARE freaking out. That's why they are trying to smear him. Mostly the democrats and left leaning globalists. I don't know where you're getting your information, but I think you need to find some new news sites and listen to some good podcasts that inform you about what's really going on.

Many helped pay for his campaign. Including Trump using his own money. That doesn't make him a Freemason or mean he's in some secret society. If they had anything on Trump, the democrats would have that on mainstream media so fast your head would spin. I really feel good about this president. We've already seen more arrests of human traffickers this year than the last couple of years combined. You should give him a chance instead of automatically accuse him of these ridiculous without any evidence.