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i understand the 'performance enhancers' aren't real lol (and completely agree that the placebo effect is a great trick), i just found it strange that there was no fine print or disclaimer listed...

apparently every 826 location has a magic shop in its storefront and that the tutoring centers are all hidden. the whole setup just seems off to me.

according to Executive Director Joe Callahan, “It forces kids to learn how to tell great stories, to build climax, to play with words. There’s also a long history of magical realism that can play into writing. I think we’ll have a lot of great stories that come from it.”



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This calls for more investigation imo. It raises enough suspicion. Another perfect set up to draw in the kids, by Jimmy and Friends. Board members connected to Clinton is a no-brainer. Keep digging.

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I find all of this pretty interesting and cute.

We have a winner.