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How do you explain to a sceptic the change in names? Name-changing is inherently dishonest and usually a sign of trying to forget the past. In other words it is an admission that Pizzagate has been debunked, why else change the name?

And then after the MSM does a hitpiece on "PedoGate", we change the name again? Does anybody really think that is a winning strategy?


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Yeah I agree with you completely, I think it should stick with Pizzagate. I don't think we should worry that people will see that name and immediately dismiss it, we should focus on making people who are aware of the name and the MSM narrative behind it, think again, wonder why it's everywhere, why so many are concerned about it if it's been debunked, and at least look into it for themselves. I think changing the name would be a hindrance, not a help. I have noticed a few people suggest this though, and I think if any name change were to happen it should make sure it's obvious that it's about elite pedophilia, but clearly the best contender for that is the name we already have!


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When people realize that Pizzagate is real, they also realize that the media has lied to them. And we can destroy the reputation of Megyn Kelly and all the other sleazebags just by replaying the interviews they did with JA, as soon as PG is common knowledge.

That is very important.