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"Joke about pizza in strange ways" -- What r u talking about?


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Yeah, maybe I'm too late and came after they cleaned up? Otherwise I'm not seeing anything here. I'm not trying to be a dick, but now I am afraid to politely ask for a more clear explanation to all this because OP is pretty rude and defensive.


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I do agree that it's weird that they seem to be having a cocktail party at night in a bar that's geared toward EDM or pop punk or whatever and it opens at 7pm etc, but what's weird is why are there so many children in a bar atmosphere??

I been going to bars for years and never one time seen anything even close to that.

Rarely do you see children but when you do it's one or two not lots.....


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Check my message above, then you'll understand

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Calm down. I haven't seen any suspicious pizza jokes either.


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ICHIBAN FOR FUCK'S SAKE CALM DOWN - stop your freaking temper tantrums- you are so transparent!

Seriously, do you use some kind of prescription uppers? This is a place for discussion, you have to tolerate being questioned. You are becoming a menace.