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Hate to be a buzzkill, but you guys are missing the best stuff from this blog. Fuck. The first few days were so crazy that i don't think i archived it.

The archives I've seen here are suspicious and you guys can follow them to the rock and roll yoga daughter and all that, but the 50x creepier stuff isn't here anymore.

I didn't even know about Tameras deep Hillary connection. I thought she was some creepy kid farm associate with fringe connections not Hillaryland bigshot. Omfg that makes the other stuff so much worse.

She was literally taking reservations to have private videochats with these kids, bragging that the baby was being groomed for power, and describing it with some really unforgivable phrase. I'm not 100% sure. I don't want to guess. It was something fucked up like 'anything goes'.

Fuck. I'll scour pol. I feel like i fucked up huge. It was such a great lead i figured it would never get lost. Fuck.

Edit: fuck me. It's the fucking blog HEADLINE!!! Ok nm guys I'm an idiot. Burn this sick shit with fire.


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yes at the top of the Evie's crib site she said "Evelyn is growing up... and can have the power of Life and Death over you". who the Fuck says this shit??? they are so sick and steeped in evil.