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tl;dr A large Internet following has developed surrounding the idea that human trafficking rings are being allowed to operate at the highest levels of government as part of a blackmail/bribery scheme to control politicians in power, all over the world.

Why Should You Care?

The first reason Pizzagate should be of interest to everyone in the world because the US treatment; Censorship. Misinformation. Hired Internet shills. Disinformation. Attempts to infiltrate. Death threats. And Worse.

The second reason is, through the lens of Pizzagate, it can be deduced that the average person is being lied to about the level of corruption within our governments. All of our governments.

The most immediate reason is because slavery is alive and well in the world and it can only flourish with the cooperation of government officials and the media. Forced labor. Domestic servitude. Sexual Servitude. Political servitude. And Worse.

Previous Posts:

Introduction to Comet Ping Pong

Protected Political Pedophilia

The Web of Slime

Why Pizzagate is Not Fake News

On The Scent

For many people, Pizzagate is a jumping off point. Start with spirit cooking, the pizza code and the Instagram account of jimmycomet. But, these accusations are not new.

Andrew Breitbart accused John Podesta, specifically, of covering for an underage sex slave operation: https://sli.mg/PFG356.jpg

Guccifer attributed his work his personal mission to reveal that Hillary Clinton and others were occult ritualists who were sacrificing children: https://sli.mg/zy0czt.jpg

There is something so concerning that people have been dedicating their lives, even in the face of imprisonment and death, to attempt to bring out the truth. Whatever you believe about what goes on in the basement of Comet Ping Pong, the money trail still leads back to human trafficking in 100 different ways.

Let's follow the trail of the average Pizzagate Investigator:

Spirit Cooking: https://sli.mg/5tqDrg.jpg https://sli.mg/DnRcTx.png https://sli.mg/u6ZJ8q.jpg https://sli.mg/nrupF4.jpg

Pizza Code: https://sli.mg/QJOkeH.jpg https://sli.mg/Tq8CyC.jpg

jimmycomet Instagram: https://sli.mg/a/gaffhM.jpg

Satanic Pizza Pedophilia: https://sli.mg/M2bOUw.png https://sli.mg/EsQtOu.png https://sli.mg/cxPZrn.jpg

Convicted Pedophiles: https://sli.mg/ddFwzS.jpg

That was enough for most people to be convinced. It is incontrovertible that these people are involved and supportive of convicted pedophiles. A lot of them.

James Alefantis immediately reacted by calling everyone racist, homophobic before switching to 'conspiracy theorist.' Insults without addressing the evidence. People are tired of 'victim status' being used as a shield against common sense. So, the investigation digs in.

Alefantis is connected to David Brock, who works with Hillary Clinton to astroturf the Internet by paying people to post pro-Hillary comments, infiltrate Trump groups to create concern, anxiety and doubt, and to insult people on the Internet, if they disagree with Hillary. It is part of their script.

Pizzagate investigators have zeroed in on a media machine that is connected to all of this protected political pedophilia. Maybe even at the heart of it.

The reason there is confusing information regarding Pizzagate is because Correct the Record and similar organizations have infiltrated investigating groups to intentionally insert false leads to discredit the movement.

Protected Political Pedophilia has been a very big problem for a very long time.

** *According to a study of 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association; it was found that 30 percent had seen cases of ritual or religion- related abuse and 93% of the professionals believed that ritualized abuse occurred.

In 1992, a survey of the membership of the ISSTD, Nancy Perry concluded that 88% of 1185 mental health professionals reported belief in ritual abuse.* **



Finland discovered a “massive computer library of child pornography that included pictures of torture, mutilation, and cannibalism.”


Jimmy Saville


Jerry Sandusky


The Franklin Scandal


"Conspiracy of Silence"


The Pace Memorandum


The Dutroux Affair


It is not far-fetched that another scandal is brewing, nor is it far-fetched to believe that these incidents are connected.

People have been trained to trust the media and avoid looking at primary sources. However, the primary sources that have been leaked over the last couple of years overwhelmingly reveal a massive web of organized crime of a type that is difficult to comprehend without digging through it, yourself.

Welcome To The Investigation

Being able to reproduce your trail of evidence so that other people can make the same conclusions is supremely important.

  • Know your leaks: Wikileaks, Offshore Leaks, DC Leaks, Guccifer, Cryptome.org

  • Know your investigative tools: Bizapedia, Social Media, Search Engines

  • Everytime you encounter a person or organization you want to know more about, search these sources for them

  • Archive everything that hasn't been archived. I use archive.is

  • Database everything; news articles, primary sources (bonus points for people and businesses)

  • Raise Awareness by posting images and words that concisely highlight each issue (voat.co/v/pizzagate/1476547)

I use IFTTT to help database my articles and evidence. I post the link to my Facebook and IFTTT reposts to Twitter, Reddit, and inserts an entry into a Google Sheet. I never lose anything, this way, and I have dedicated social media for this purpose.

Additional Investigative Resources: https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/, http://rct.doj.ca.gov/Verification/Web/Search.aspx?facility=Y (this is an example for California, other states available), http://www.opensecrets.org/, http://foundationcenter.org/find-funding/990-finder (search EIN numbers here), http://www.guidestar.org/profile/, ftp://ftp.sec.gov/edgar/daily-index/

@ghost_marauder EIN Tutorial https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1475511

@ghost_marauder SEC Explanation https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1474981

For those getting started, here are some introductory links:







Wikileaks https://wikileaks.org/

DC Leaks http://soros.dcleaks.com/

Panama Papers https://www.icij.org/

Cryptome https://cryptome.org/

Guccifer 2.0 https://guccifer2.wordpress.com/

Images to Share:

http://sli.mg/lwgIgH http://sli.mg/dVO6Fu http://sli.mg/a/M41h9t

What About The Human Trafficking Connections?

Here are a lot of leads: voat.co/v/pizzagate/1466894

What we are looking at, though, are political NGO's (like the Clinton Foundation or American Security Council Foundation) that pretend to be charities, but actually are only designed to cut deals with whoever is necessary in order to help mining interests extract raw materials from the earth.


What we see is that these mining operations that the Clinton Foundation are involved in ALL REQUIRE SLAVES. aka Forced Human Labor. Glencore. Frank Giustra. Marc Rich. VCS Mining. Uranium One. Glencore.

There are a lot of illegal activities that use the same exact infrastructure to funnel people across the world for the purposes of slavery. Pimps. Pedophiles. Construction contractors. People are willing to pay for people and sellers don't care what it is for.

How does Comet Ping Pong tie in to human trafficking? Other than seemingly participating in the pedophilia, Alefantis has a web of small businesses to launder money through; breaking down larger sums of money to disguise the source, selling crappy satanic art through Transformer and other fronts far above their value. All of their money is flowing through each other. George Soros, Podestas, the Kremlin, the Clinton Foundation, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. The list goes on. The financial web is the most revealing because it suggests that there is a lot more to this than just having sex with kids.

That is why everyone needs to keep investigating.

The manipulation of public perception has occurred on a massive scale to convince people they need to be worried about conflicts that have nothing to do with solving the basic problem of eliminating slavery.

Pizzagate is a window into how the 'elite' utilize the media and government apparatus to distract, confuse and help people forget what is important.

Pizzagate is a window into the existential crisis of humankind; organizing a society without slavery.

Please, keep raising awareness. Please, keep investigating.


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at first glance this reads well, but it has no sources or links to anything?


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I left enough characters to provide sources, if I put it into a submission.

Is there anything you would add?


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I updated.


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Please watch this video, it explains the investigation into PizzaGate in 15 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hxWDyjUAoQ


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There is proof that protected political pedophilia has been happening for a long time, all over the world. Notable scandals include; Catholic Church's protection of child sex predators, The Franklin Scandal, The Finders Scandal, The Dutroux Affair, The UK's Inquiry Into Institutionalized Child Sexual Abuse under repeated scandal, The Jimmy Savile Scandal, The Norway Pedophile Politicians Scandal, The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal, the inexplicable political support of Frederic Mitterand, The Pace Memoradum, the discoveries of the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse, the 5200 uninvestigated names in the Pentagon child porn trading, etc. The list of known cover ups defies reason.

For normies who doubt the possibility of pedophiles throughout our government, law enforcement, media, and beyond, this information is critical. Before you ask, "Is there proof?" it'd be great to say, "Is it possible?" or "A Little Background" and link to more mainstream sources (large news sites, wikipedia, etc.) to build credibility. Then actually use a few sentences to explain that these events prove that pedophile rings have existed undercover in modern society for decades while deliberately covered up. It's also important to note that even when they are uncovered, typically only a small number of people face any penalty. Leads are not followed up on, it's treated like a small, limited phenomenon, and the rest is swept under the rug.

A bit of background could go a LONG way to help build credibility. It has happened before. It is happening again.

Thanks for working on this!


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According to a study of 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association; it was found that 30 percent had seen cases of ritual or religion- related abuse and 93% of the professionals believed that ritualized abuse occurred.

In 1992, a survey of the membership of the ISSTD, Nancy Perry concluded that 88% of 1185 mental health professionals reported belief in ritual abuse.

In 1996, police in Finland discovered a “massive computer library of child pornography that included pictures of torture, mutilation, and cannibalism.”


Recently, Jimmy Saville was reported by police to have had over 450 victims.


Jerry Sandusky was also reported to have been part of a larger pedophile ring.


The Franklin Scandal appears to have been an obvious cover up of ritual abuse on a large scale where politicians participated.


"Conspiracy of Silence" was a banned documentary relating to the events. The victims were able to describe the tunnels under the White House.


In 1990, the Pace Memorandum was leaked, where LDS General Authority was told by 60 child witnesses that they were abused and witnessed sacrifices under the west end of the temple at an altar. There is no way for children to know this information, or even most adults. Entrance is strictly controlled and access within the temple is also strictly controlled.


Here is a picture from the original blueprints showing that there is an altar room under the west end of the temple.


The Dutroux Affair implicated more politicians, in Belgium, where the cover up enraged the local population resulting in a massive march where the King finally intervened. (King Phillipe and Hillary Clinton have met at Bilderberg Conferences)


So, it is not so far-fetched that another scandal is brewing, nor is it far-fetched to believe that these incidents are connected. At the very least, it is worth looking into.




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How do you tie the Jesuits directly to Pizzagate or protected political pedophilia.

I'm familiar with https://www.reddit.com/r/RomeRules/ and I agree that there is an element to this that all goes back to Rome. When the Pope needs to speak out against fake news, I feel he is involving himself in Pizzagate in a suspicious way.

Beyond that, my understanding is that the death cults believe that Saturn was once the black sun, earth was gravity locked to it and that their goal may to bring back the Black Sun, hence the ritual at CERN. It is interesting information, to me, but maybe not relevant to Pizzagate.

The Catholic Church, I believe, ran Boys Town, so there is potentially a tie in, there. Considering the wide spread abuse of the church and their protection of pedophiles, any and all connections to the Clintons or Comet Ping Pong would be relevant.

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I understand the big picture, thank you.

I have been looking into this for a while the Clinton Foundation is merely a clone of the group of Bush non-profits, which is a clone of the American Security Council Foundation, where the primary goal is to infiltrate raw natural resources and funnel wealth out of the earth along with the wealth involved in the illegal markets that surround that process; weapons, people and drugs.

Maybe don't start your next post with "NOT".

If you look at one of the first posts in /v/webofslime, a month ago, you will find that maybe you are behind the curve in some ways and it is way bigger than the Clinton Foundation, as it is across several generations.

The problem is that you get zero attention if you start at Aldous Huxley's work with the "War on Opium" and the Wednesday Psychology Club, as the origins of a massive conspiracy to control both sides of every conflict using infiltration, the media and mind control.

Some even go so far as to say that a giant power outage will happen in the next couple of weeks, prefacing the "full disclosure of aliens." I'm not going to ever post about aliens. I get little or no attention if I post about secret societies. I get ridicule if I post about mind control.

"It is easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled" - Mark Twain

You have to be selective in the information you present and the bottom line is, I (and most people) care a lot more about protecting children than we do about gun running and drug trafficking. When presenting evidence, that is what I am focused on because that is the biggest evil.

So, when I write a piece on summing up Pizzagate, that is the result.

But thanks for your concern in thinking that the Clinton Foundation has me right where they want me.

I don't appreciate your approach in trying to hijack the narrative, though, because your tone makes it seem like you want to discredit it, or treat me like I'm an idiot while my posting history directly controverts your position.


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I'll just kind of repost what I put on the other sticky: This is all getting really interesting I must say. WTF is wrong with people?

I'm not sure where to put this but I didn't know if I could start a thread myself and I'm not sticking around because this all really scares the crap out of me.


I work in a dental office and got that as a fax to my number in september. It was obviously sent to the wrong fax - ours has closely transposed numbers though when I tried the fax on that order form it was disconnected.

I didn't even know anything about any of this stuff until the guy showed up with the assault rifle and I saw it on the news. Then I remembered the weird order form from Comet and went through our stack of recycling pages and it was still there.

Don't know what else to do with it, so there it is. This is all just really bizarre! Like twilight zone bizarre! I don't know what to make it any of it honestly.


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Make a thread


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please make a thread for this, could be an important piece of this puzzle


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Holy Crap!....Can someone archive this photo? This could be evidence! Also, is that weird page on Comet Pizza's site with password boxes still available somewhere? I couldn't find it, but I was thinking....we should try this account # in a box!


[–] dreamdigital ago 

The page I cannot find however I have the page contents archived. You can get it from this twitter post I made if you want to save the image file. Dream Digital Twitter Link


[–] Godwillwin ago 

That's super weird. What's in the blank for Acct number and name?


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It appears there is a downvote campaign in the works. I scanned all new posts from the last 14 hours and see a trend. Maybe it is due to the increasing membership. I haven't noticed it until today. With the sticky post from last night, I may be getting more alert, or in fact something is off. We may need a reminder on using our downvotes only for shills/disinfo. Staying as neutral as possible in our language/tone right now seems highly imperative.


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Everyone should leave out any bigoted comments. Keep this real and professional, don't give any reason to discredit the work being done here. Support based investigators.


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I agree, each informed individual with their heart in the right place knows what is at stake here, so we should be courteous with each other and save our downvotes for shills and red herrings.


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what happened last night?


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First time poster long time follower and truth seeker. I'm sooooo glad this got changed I've been convincing more and more people about voat but that past sticky was pure cancer for the cause.

Been following this since November but just opened this account so I can get on that shill down vote game so up votes welcome 🙂


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I would just like to thank all of you citizen journalists for keeping this reality alive and propelling it forward with as much momentum as can be mustered. There are many, many people that are beyond appreciative for the output and vigilance.


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Can we include something to help newbies/normies redpill on the mind-control stuff? The Greenbaum lecture by professor D. Corydon Hammond is really good for this - and the Franklin coverup helps too. Call it something like: "the realities of ritual abuse and its coverup" or something like this.

Reason I ask is that red-pilling on the mind-control/mpd/DID aspect of the abused dovetails in the larger uglier picture of what this is about. Seems like people just go..."ho....ly....shit...." It's the connective link/tissue between pedophilia and ritual abuse to...CIA, MK Ultra, Mind-control (very over simplistic), etc...

I'm pretty sure everyone at the top of where all this leads would be perfectly satisfied for J. Alef@ntis to take the fall and for it to stop there. But, Greenbaum and Franklin blow it all up and out.


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perhaps write up something? I totally agree with you - I've read a lot into the stuff. Maybe try collating some stuff from cathy obrien, http://whale.to/b/springmeier_formula.html and http://www.wanttoknow.info/mind_control/cults_ritual_abuse_mind_control ?


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Thank you, Kong! You are great. Glad I had your back when LegionWill tried to set you up the other day.


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So proud of you, your doing an amazing job.

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