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Thank you, as ex LEO these people do not understand that this is why mainstream will not take you guys serious unless you can cite and sourse it. The only reason I take this serious is because like any good investigator , I tried to discredit it and could not. Get your shit together people . If you want mainstream to believe then you better cite everything or it is a waste of time.


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This is the original thread -

It seems that Besta pizza in MD is/was owned by an arab fellow -

The whole besta pizza block in DC is basically owned by a company that this guy is saying is saudi based -

Another guy claims its a DC based firm that buys strip malls -

The main guy thinks its saudi related because he found this through a google search -

Projects (Area) Manager SS Lootah Contracting Co. March 2002 - July 2010 (8 years 5 months) Look into the projects like Tower, Commercial Building, G + 14, 500 villas, etc with value 750,000,000 Dhs.CON.NEB

Besta pizza does seem to have one arab owner at least. Seems like red herring, may look into it more tomorrow.


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Seriously, the corporate whores of the mainstream media can go fuck themselves (except for the BBC, which cat get right royally fucked). I'm all for sources and verifiability, but who in their right mind would expect the Mockingbird media to apply fair and balanced reporting to this subject?


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BBC makes me sick. They are this morning here in the UK doing interviews with people who were abused as kids by people in the football clubs. These poor guys are breaking down on TV talking about the awful abuse and how it affected them, and this awful interviewer keeps probing them to ask exactly what happened, trying to pry the details from these poor guys. I was in tears watching it.

And this sick bitch also happened to be the same woman who did a sympathetic 'poor-innocent-victim-of-false-accusations' interview with Ricky Dearman, the smarmy guy accused by his kids of satanic/sexual abuse and child murder in Hampstead, London, last year. The judge dismissed the whole thing as absurd and said the kids' mother had tortured her kids into saying this stuff against their Dad. Turns out in the course of pizzagate that this Ricky guy has a connection to the Clintons through a guy he worked with at an organisation in Haiti.

I get the feeling they're doing these child abuse interviews and getting off on it or something. It makes me feel so sick. This just has to stop.