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I want to add I decided to follow a different path on this hunt. I decided that looking into conair=Transcor America and all the children charitys that Clinton is involved in such as http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/05/27/charity.aidworkers/index.html?eref

It is my belief that the mass involvement with Homeless and parentless children type Chairities is so they can be used and transported secretly without have to to have a manifest ,they are using companys like Transcor America, this kind of company is not subject to search.

If these children go missing noone cares especially if they are taken by people in authority , This includes children of both sex's and all ages including babys. Therefore my thesis is they can use then and sell them for sacrifice.

I believe this is the counerstone for their Santanic lives. I am already looking into this but for me it is finals week so as soon as I am out I will focus on this subject. Opinions welcome.