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Try it: zoom in to the picture as much as you want. It always stays sharp. In case anyone needs such a thing for making web comics or printing your own t-shirts/stickers/whatever.

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Yeah svg's are awesome for logos.

I did have an issue one time making a watermark. For some reason despite the image apearing grey it printed black for some of the objects.

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Nicely done!

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Don't forget that logo is a trademark and a licensing agreement must be reached with @Puttitout to use it.

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For sure. I meant, like, for your own stuff. To make your own T-Shirt at home (since the voat store is down, and I don't see Putt doing another print run), or to make memes or whatever. Definitely don't use this stuff to make money.

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Yes, goyim. Don’t forget to pay those sweet shekels first!

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I'll give money to Voat any day of the week, it's not a jewish organization.

Now stop trying so hard to be edgy and think before you type. Voat is a business and it's not kikish to expect people to ask permission to use it's logo.

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I trust that Putt won't be a shitbag about it if you're not using it maliciously. Afterall, Voater users are a feisty bunch and he knows he will be thrown to the wolves...er...goats if he tried to take legal action

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What does that say about all those voat themed things, that people were making forever ago? Did they go through the process of asking Putt if they could do it? The guy making metal keychains and (I think it was Needlestack) making voat themed crocheted trinkets, come to mind. Either way, I don't intend to use this pic for anything other than this post.

I guess... email putt if you want to make sure you're allowed to use this for whatever you guys intend.

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Thank you!

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That's pretty good work

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thx, brother

Wanna know something funny? After staring at this image for about an hour, while working on it: something happened to my brain's interpretation of it (visual version of semantic satiation?) and it started processing the nose as a part of a ":D" smily face. Now I can't unsee it. It just looks like the goat's making a fear grimace.

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Bleep bloop, someone mentioned this submission!

'So why did @HeyGeorge have a meltdown and 'sperg out?' was posted in v/SoapBoxBongHits and includes this reply from @gabara:

Steal away! I've been making a few thanks to @TheTrigger https://voat.co/v/pics/2725235

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Ive done heaps of vector redraws, ill give you a good tip, look for symmetry most of the time you only need to trace half or a quarter of the image.

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I have been wanting a Che Guerrera pic with a Voat Goat face. This might work!

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Make a goat stencil & spray paint it all over town

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Still cannot see op’s dick ....

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Imagined fractal image of a dick. Still shocked.

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That's because you need the special cheat-codes to be able to zoom out indefinitely. When something is big enough, it covers your whole field of vision and makes it indistinguishable from the background. Isn't the human eye amazing?

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