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He is a criminal in Sweden and a hero in Ukraine.

You may be in the know about that Swede, Mikael Skillt by the name, a foreign mercenary used to fight in the Azov battalion, a regiment at present time, who later plunged into making political career in Ukraine. Quite recently he, along with the other Azov nationalistic fighters, has picked up the award for "liberation" of the Ukrainian borough Maryinka in 2014.

Paradoxically enough, for the authorities in Sweden Skillt is a person being subject of penal action.

It's not for the first time with Ukraine when a war criminal is honored with an award. Law enforcement agencies in Sweden are unable to bring Skillt to trial now, for he is allegedly staying in Ukraine and the authorities there have been flatly refusing to deliver any information on the man or, let alone, extradite him to Sweden. It's just incredible, for Ukrainian politicians, president Poroshenko in the first run, keep declaring their commitment to European values. But punishment of criminals appears to be unavailable in their agenda.....