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Something they don't realize. Sex (in this context, strictly refers to consenting adults) is not something that one person "does" to another. It's something that we participate in together, an endeavor in which mutual satisfaction is typically both paramount and requires equal effort. It's one of our basest instincts, and it saddens me to see Victorian ideals disguised as progressive thinking.


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The Victorian prudes and third wave feminists are the same brand of authoritarian idiot. They think that because they can't control themselves / act like adults that neither can anyone else. Same thing with the prohibitionists, redistributionists and other such petty tyrants.


[–] stradian 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago 

You might be on to something. Perhaps all of this is a projection of no self control.


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They want to control everyone but themselves without consent, yet when it comes time for the proverbial torch to be passed they won't consent. Then when they get forced like they try to force us into their belief paradigm of paradoxical and upside down dichotomy they want to fight for THEIR rights, and negate that we ever had any reason to fight for ours.

Then when they realize they are at their own game table alone, can't join anyone else's, and get so perplexed when the cut direct, in public and humiliatingly clear comes their way.

Sorry, are they feigning hurt feels? I hadn't noticed.


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Well, the redistributionists have a point: There are too many wealthy people that have money they won't even spend, which is wasted money. They are not able to take responsibility for it.


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It takes two to tango