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Why was he holding the trigger? Why was the safety off? Why was the gun loaded in the first place?


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The answer to all of your questions is a simple one: he never went to an NRA shooting class.


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Rule 1: A gun is always loaded.

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Which is 100% true, and people LOVE to bash the NRA, but they teach you that guns aren't fucking toys that shouldn't be glamorized.

I'll take Trigger Discipline for 200, Alex.


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Does the gun have bullets in it?, yes or no, if yes pointing it at yourself is a bad idea.

I will undoubtedly have people yelling at me about trigger discipline and bullets might still be in the chamber or something, I say fuck off to those people.

While it may have been a better idea to use a fake plastic gun you absolutely can make sure the gun is not loaded, there's no such thing as Schrodinger's bullets.

For example, take a pistol, is there a bullet in any of the chambers?, if no, is there a bullet in the barrel?, if no the gun is not loaded, while this can be taught in firearms training this kid was stupid, if you are for some reason going to do something like this you make damn sure there are no bullets in chamber or cylinder, no bullet will magically pop into existence after that.

This was a case of hurr durr, i'm gonna take a selfie with a gun, blam!


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No, its the guns fault

clearly the gun loaded itself, took itself off safety, and had a faulty firing mechanism

edit: always treat a gun with respect, and it is still always on the handler when things go wrong, except in rare, extreme circumstances, like an over heated weapon causing rounds to fire automatically or a squib load


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Not all handguns have safties. Also, in TFA it said he found the gun (presumably outside). People who toss guns are generally criminals ditching them after a crime or before contact with the police. They typically aren't the types to make sure the weapon is unloaded before ditching it.

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